Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flag Day Honored

I created this a couple of years ago and it hangs in the corner of a small wall. It is a photo transfer and measures 3" x 31/2". I created this to honor my first husband and my son's father. He was drafted in the 60's and we met when he was still in uniform. The title is in numbers, the numbers from his "dog tags" minus the last one. It didn't seem okay to reveal all the numbers. Flag Day is on the fourteenth and this is my favorite little flag. My niece was born on Flag Day so the day holds memories and sweetness for me. I really like our American flag ... this was an easy creation.
I've worked all day in the studio. My love affair with the compass has been strained! ha I'm actually dancing my dance with the imagery....sometimes I am in control and sometimes I have a breakthrough and then the REAL dancing begins. I can't tell you how many times I have washed my hands. I've stopped for now, had a snack and popped the champagne for a refreshing glass....a transition between studio and now preparing dinner and looking into the real world for awhile...via TV.


  1. Got a lump in my throat.
    I'm always amazed at how emotional I can be to all things flag and patriotism related.
    I love your transfer,,,and that wonderful personal meaning it holds for you.
    June 14th. Also My Mom and Dad's wedding aniversary.

  2. Lovely piece to honor your first husband. Happy Flag Day and God Bless the USA!

  3. I love the symbolism of the title of your piece (Mary Ann, is it?) Has he passed on or are your divorced? If it is the former, I am sad for the memories it must bring to you. If it is the latter, then that could either be sadness or relief, depending who the "leavee" was I suppose. Anyway, great post. Flags are great images aren't they? I guess that's why I love the Prayer Flags so much. Flags represent so much to so many. The meaning behind it is what is important.

  4. Sounds like a good dance in the studio. Champagne seems perfect as a transition from studio to home life. Enjoy Mary Ann. Tomorrow is another day.

  5. I am really intrigued that you are following the compass. When I first saw it in your work, I felt that here was something powerful.

  6. Babs, The fourteenth holds special memories for both of us.

    Willow, Thank you and agreed....we live in a great country with a wonderful flag!

    Teri, Yes, my husband passed on unexpectdly when he was 51...we had only hours to say goodbye after a long marriage...he had fond memories of the army even though he was drafted at an unpopular time. It's Mary Ann!

  7. Leslie, So true, tomorrow is another day! I am having trouble with my browser...hard to visit lately...hope you read this as I love your large sidebar painting!

    Pat, I thought I was followiwng the compass but at times it is leading me! ha Actually, it is going well and I am using it as a metaphor for my life right now...direction and all that!

  8. Lovely tribute, Mary Ann.
    I laughed reading that your love affair with the compass has been strained. I know that feeling so well, diving into an idea with such enthusiasm , getting lost in it and then emerging later wanting nothing to do with it until the next day when it starts all over gain.

  9. what a wonderful tribute to your husband Mary Ann - nice.

  10. Your transfer does capture the spirit of the flag waving in the breeze, like our country moving through the changing times, like our very lives. How lovely that you've shared a bit of yours, your inspiration for this particular work of art.

    I look forward to seeing more of the compass wanderings too.

  11. Robyn, You just described my day! We so share in this process!

    Jeane, Thank you

    San, Thank you. We all have seen so many changes in our the world!

  12. Hi Mary Ann; Thanks! I did read this. I put up more side bar stuff today. Building birch panels, part 1.