Monday, May 18, 2009

Architecture Tour

These are the few photos of the first home on our tour yesterday. Can you imagine the fun of redwood trees inside your front door?

A great staircase with a bridge between rooms ! The kitchen had beautiful hardware, Irish marble (green) and a green cement farmer's sink. click to enlarge.The home is a block from "Pleasure Point" beach (big surfer spot) and the home will become a rental. At the second home I was told no cameras so I left it in the car for the rest of the tour. The homes were lovely, natural materials and native plants...I sure saw a variety of kitchens and most of the yards had outdoor showers because of the beach! Next year we plan on more garden tours in early Spring.
Has anyone been watching "Wallander" on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS? We have watched two episodes and like the series...good pace, interesting characters and a good story set in Sweden. Let me know what you think?
Reporting on my studio day: collagraph prints all morning....potential good! Very Tired!


  1. I know Pleasure Point very well! My husband used to surf there when we were in high school and lots of my friends ended up in Santa Cruz as well and are now some of the bigger names there: Doug Vrosko (his son "Flea" surfs at Maverick's) and also Bob Pearson of Pearson Arrows surf boards. Hearing Pleasure Point brought back such memories to me. Thanks for that! The architecture is incredible. I have always wanted a spiral staircase but often think about how hard it would be to take furniture up and down, especially when you move. I will have to check out the show on PBS. It has kind of taken a back seat to HBO and Showtime of late but there is always good stuff there. Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley, good concerts...Thanks!

  2. I'm a tree lover. I think it would be fabulous to have a huge live tree inside my house! Fun tour. Thanks for the pics.

  3. good morning Mary Ann - oh, I bet the tour was so much fun!

  4. OH!
    Look at that tree! How fabulous!
    Indoor trees here mean a huge storm has been through, and it 'ain't pretty'!
    Loved enlarging and seeing each photo,,,thanks so much for this tour, I know you loved being there.
    Hope we see some of the prints you're working on.

  5. that's amazing, a tree inside the house, how meaningful! there was an architect / sculptor / painter from Vienna who made a project of a house incorporating trees. i just love the idea of this match - trees, and houses, as both mean home, in a way. and life. and refuge. truly beautiful.

  6. So cool! I'm reminded of the house where you had your bridal shower.

  7. I really can't imagine living in that kind of luxury. But i seem to feel that it is quite small and all my projects would end up covering all the surfaces and ruin the beauty. Oh, well.
    I really enjoyed the photos.

  8. Teri, Glad to take you to memory lane...Pleasure Point is always full of surfers...all ages! This house is about 2 blocks away and will be a perfect rental.

    Willow, Your welcome, I only wish I could have taken more photos...especially the bathrooms because the sinks and tile was outrageous.

    Jeane, It was a fun tour...all we had to do it take off our shoes at the door!

    Babs, Not the same as a fallen tree?!
    I've made quite a big ink mess but I'll share what I could save on tomorrows post.

  9. Luisa, I think you might mean Hundertwasser from Vienna. His constructions had curved walls and trees growing everywhere and beautiful tile work...truly living in art!

    Karen, These houses set in with Redwood trees are always enchanting. Both houses speak of magic.

    Pat,It was such a contrast coming back to our house with all our projects all over the place. The homes were staged to perfection and I don't know what they look like now that the tour is over?!
    I just need to upgrade my kitchen and found some interesting materials.

  10. Beautiful - I am envious. I'd be thrilled to live in - or among the trees.

  11. yes, exactly!!! I tend to forget names really easily... but yes, I mean Hundertwasser from Vienna. I am so glad you got it :)

  12. Patrice, It is going to be a rental so plenty of people will live in their dream tree house at the beach for a least a week!

    Luisa, I am wearing such a smile on my face...we both got it...dear Hundertwasser!

  13. that stairs is amazing! what a great tour/event