Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time in Four Parts II

A blue heart with a clock...I never thought I'd paint a heart but I surprised myself on this one. In reviewing my writing, it seems I was focused on relationships of the heart and the ongoing ticking of allotted time in matters of the heart. With this one, I painted fast and with my eyes almost closed...never easy dealing with the heart. Mostly acrylic and some collage.

Confession: I watch "Project Runway" on Bravo, Wednesday nights. I'm not all that interested in the contestants or the emotional flare-ups. What fascinates me are the challenges and the burst of creative resolution...not always successful but I so enjoy the effort. Lately I've been getting ready to begin new work and a personal challenge is what I need. Also some boundaries and a timetable. These lazy summer days have my mind and heart buzzing on what's next!!


  1. Lovely painting. Well dont the bhuddists say that one must have an empty bowl for the water to flow into it or something like that. Summer, such a wonderful time to be "lazy" and let ideas and images simmer inside ready to burst forth when they will. You do like blue, eh? A soft color, the throat chakra. Be well, suki

  2. Nice! Are you very consious of time - time spent, time passing, time left? I have waves of interest in this, feeling invincible some days and racing to fit everything in on others.
    I think you are right on the money with Project Runway - love it! I must say I have not caught it yet this new season - need to find the time (there you go - back to that!)

  3. Suki, When I was recovering from an illness, a friend (Bhuddist)suggested I fill a bowl with water and at the end of the day toss it away...a ritual for letting in and letting had a wonderful healing effect for me. Is that the ritual you were describing?
    Yes, I do like blue, ultramarine and phthalo are my favorites!
    Mary Ann

  4. Karen,
    This year Project Runway seems to have a better mix of people who are more inovative...try to catch it on Wednesday evenings.
    Time is a BIG issue for me...these four pieces have been an important way for me to deal with passing time...maybe it's a getting older thing?
    Mary Ann