Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm loving this summer but can't help but notice the calendar...July 17th already!!
The canvas to the right is part of a four part series on personal time...time issues I've written about over the years. It is difficult to read the collaged words:
On this dark sky night
Relinquishing Living Promises
I placed the words as to be falling, a letting go. These words came from writing about my marriage vows...I was a widow and clearly having difficulty accepting that the vows had ended.
On a different note...I bought a metal rolling cart with drawers and I've been organizing my small art supplies, pencils, ink, charcoal etc.... what a great feeling of accomplishment! I can't believe how I hold on to unnecessary things, just junk! I come by this problem from both my parents. When I was cleaning out their house, I found such stuff! There were unimportant receipts way back to the time of my birth! The house never looked bad but underneath and in the closets were boxes and files of PAPER! I have found moving as a great way to clear out the unwanted collections or in this case buying a really great looking cart!


  1. Curious what you said about marriage vows, divorced I have the same problem. Or maybe just unwilling to leap again. Oh well. I like letting go but it is like bungee jumping and getting up the nerve to just jump. What a leap of faith.

  2. Blue sky dreamingJuly 21, 2008 at 12:58 PM

    Pat, So true on the leap issue. Funny, I used the code name of Leap-of-faith on one personal site! Jumping isn't easy at any age!!!
    Mary Ann

  3. Oh the...stuff we collect. Not collect as in - I'll start a collection, but collect as in - just a random collection of life that keeps filing in. I have turned to the brown paper bag dash on many occasions to clear off a counter or other horizontal surface to make the place presentable for company. Makes my husband nuts to find these bags years later in the garage. LOL!

  4. You have an award over at my place, milady.

  5. Blue Sky DreamingJuly 26, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    Karen, We are all so funny about stuff! Pablo has invented the Under the Sink Toss for those unexpected guests and your Brown Bag Dash is your wonderful Creation!ha
    Mary Ann

  6. Mary Ann. In my 20 year rental home I had collected stuff, going back to my grandparents which I loved, in all six rooms and the attic. As with your folks house it was neat and tidy on the surface, but that surface hid tons of stuff. then, I had to move as they wanted to sell the house. I had 6 months thank goddess to clear things out. As i had no where to move to, I had to get rid of lots of stuff. It was hard as I was also letting go of my image as the keeper of stuff for others. At any rate, I am now at my mom's house taking care of her, And lo and behold, there is a ton of stuff saved through the years both at MOm's and at my brother's house. Ugh. Having done the getting rid of stuff thing, I am gung ho to get rid of more. But they are resistant.

    I love the paper bag story. Be well, Suki