Monday, July 7, 2008


A garden complete with tile, palm tree, windows and a singing duet. A place to stop, pure pleasure, soft morning light or afternoon breeze...a place to come back to, yard, patio, home. The song is also simple, not looking forward or back but timeless serenade. This is the beginning and ending this is the call, this is the sanctuary of needed rest, available heart, available song.
Writing is a big part of my art making. It leads me to the imagery and sometimes defines the images. I'm in a place in my life where I still love painting but I'm no longer as interested in building a career. I have kept a journal well over 25 years...almost daily writing. It has served as my true sanctuary, my mentor and my learning tool. I wrote the above piece shortly after gluing down the two yellow birds. It gives me joy.


  1. I like that you put up this "painting" to examine and discuss. I think we would all like a respite or ashram where the world is perfect and we can bask in the private air of reflection. Good going!!!! I think that you hit a sensitive nerve.

  2. This piece resonates with me. I love the colors and I can sense the peace and calm.

    Writing is a big part of my art process as well. You said that you journal everyday-do you write about your day or are your writings more meanderings? Just curious! :)

  3. So - this piece was fun. I wrote about it earlier in the week but my comments must be lost in cyber space (LOL!). It gave me a feel for South Beach and reminded me of a fun cocktail, actually. Hey, cut me some slack - it is Friday! Cheers to the Artist!

    Yellow Bird #2

    1 oz. Light Rum
    1/4 oz. Galliano
    1/4 oz. Creme de Banana
    2 oz. Pineapple Juice
    2 oz. Orange Juice

    Combine ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice and stir.

  4. Karen, I'm so glad you took the fun side to BirdSong and titled a drink in it's honor! It is all good to me!! Mary Ann

  5. Hi Blue sky dreaming. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments. Lovely painting. Makes me feel happy. Nice your writing and painting are cross inspired. I too have many many journals written through the years, besides having published two books and numerous stories though my blog is the main area where I write now. Focusing more on the bookbinding and painting and collaging. Be well, suki

  6. Pat, yes, sanctuary. I remember small garden patios alongside stucco/tile Spanish style homes in the Bay Area...places to refuel! Mary Ann

  7. Karen, So you took the fun side to BirdSong complete with drink recipe...It is all sanctuary to me! ha Mary Ann

  8. Suki, Thanks for visiting and commenting on BirdSong. Have a great summer with bookbinding, painting and collage and creating your new studio space. Mary Ann

  9. Pat, Yes, sanctuary. I remember small patios alongside stucco/tile Spanish style homes in the Bay Area...perfect for refueling. Mary Ann