Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lucky Day Yesterday

I received this award from San at A Life with a View...she said, "The Blog whose title is Just Plain Fun to Read. And the blog is every bit as beautiful." Thank you San! I have enjoyed having this blog and feel it has enriched my life. I welcome all visitors to take the time to click on each site at my Favorite Blogs. I believe you will find a great collection of blogs created by unique,smart,talented and humorous women who have sites that are Just Plain Fun to Read!


  1. Hi Mary Ann. thanks for stopping by my blog today and writing about your love of Kristen Lavrensdatter. I responded there, but just to repeat I too love that novel, I too read it back in the 60's though I don't have a Norwegian background, yet I love Norwegian writers. Isn't that icon/award San sent to us just the cutest? it inspired me to do the ponder this post for today and inspired great conversations too. Yeah for reading.

  2. Congratulations on your award and yes, I too love the title of your blog! And like Sukipoet I'm a big Kristen Lavrensdatter fan, and she says you are too. I read it a few years ago, hanging on every word, and will re-read it again and visit the long life of Kristen and her struggles as a daughter, wife and parent.

  3. I love awards - how fun! It's been a joy to use your blog to not only see what's new in your life but to reach out to other amazing people through your favorite links and then their favorite links...I can loose a whole morning that way. Joy!