Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time in Four Parts III

Big fat clock, child's clock, I remember thinking summer vacation would last forever. Thoughts of not enough time, going to be late time, time flying, and my favorite...Right on time! Now as I'm older and I've lost so many, I see time as a gift. I make decisions now on what wastes my time. This is the third canvas in the Time in Four Parts...acrylic and collage measuring as the others 16"x16". I have a blue bar with red markings running through all way of marking time.

Starting new work. I've narrowed down subjects, materials and support. The coaching has been very helpful, I have a tendency to wander with my work so I do much better with a focus. To mark the beginning of new work I have been painting personal muses. I am no Frieda Kahlo and my muse (self portrait) reflects my less painful life as well as my humor. I'm attached to the lady Viking image! I have one (painted a couple of years ago) that has wings (helmet made from a pie tin) and is flying through the cosmos holding a lantern with a candle. She gives me a smile and I believe lights my way. I will try to post a photo..she measures 22"x 36". Todays muse is also a Viking gal and wearing 3-D glasses and braids... guiding myself through this maze called art.


  1. This is great! This is how big the clock appears in my mind when I lay awake at night unable to sleep. Anyone ever suffer from insomnia? It is a freindly childlike clock - but the darkness is always so scary.

  2. Karen,
    I'm so glad you see this clock in terms of a childs image, of childlike time keeping. I'm sure a ticking clock can be a real aggravation to insomnia as well as a dark house with everyone else sleeping...have perscription sleeping pills been helpful? I've not had more than a rare night of restless sleep...not the same.
    mary ann

  3. Nice colors and the clock has a kind of melty feel to it. I spent a whole year without timepieces. Interesting. Course I didnt have to be to work on time, which made it possible.

  4. Always a little afraid of prescription sleeping pills, but have tried the Advil PM stuff. Just depends on what's going on with me - I have definitely popped two of those and then still stayed up all night. Talk about nuts the next day! LOL!
    Just breathe.....
    - karen

  5. Suki, A melty clock-I like that! Your year without timepieces must have had a completly different texture. Did you feel more peaceful? Did you accomplish more work? I always think time keeping stands in my way...I'd like to try that sometime. Mary Ann

  6. What happened was I did things from an inner need less than from this is the time to... Like this is the time to eat breakfast. Although,being habituated to eating breakfast upon arising, I still did that. I think I flowed better and learned about flow. I grew up in a 'medical' family with both a Dr and a nurse. Doctor's and nurses esp are time focused. Mom still is. To the second almost she wants that dinner on at 4:30 (her dinner time.) So I think I was trying to break through that time on time thing. I was never late before my experience, nor after but I was less anxious about being there on time. After all, time is man made. So, man can unmake it too.

    Without clocks, we would either just have to drop in to our friend's houses and see if they wanted to chat. Or we'd say, lets meet when the sun is at midpoint or when the sun is setting or when the moon is at half. IE use nature's hints to set the time.