Sunday, March 23, 2008


" Time in Orange "8"x8" mixed media. Because it is the second piece in a set of 3, I already knew the all over color would be greyed down, silver leaf would be a strong element and the bottom section would be a collaged line marking system. The addition of the three squares around the stitched circle was a choice that seemed balanced after many other attempts. (thinking) The stitched circle consisted of layers of netting, lace and rows of stones. The process can be long or short depending on when I can say the elements speak of the vision of inner glow and compliment and work as one piece. This is not art from observation but rather from inside out, holding to both freedom and boundries.
Reporting on the afternoon in Carmel...great! Forgot the camera but that turned out to be okay. We had lunch in a sunny courtyard cafe and later drinks on the edge of a meadow. It was a day to include sunny observations, sounds, smells, some silence, some silliness, snacks, flavors and very few details. The day was brushed with wide brush strokes!


  1. Love the organic quality of the painting (?), mosaic, collage. The colors really speak of creation with the inclusions of the rocks. I enjoyed how you expressed the step by step process.

  2. mmmmm. love the orange! i'm feeling the inner glow!

  3. Orange brings out such a comforting feeling for me. Love this piece! My day has been one full of constant demands and suddenly there you were in my FAVORTIES list. I stole a few moments and thought of you...thought of blue sky dreaming and ocean waters (I know - not orange, but my mind wanders!)I found a little peace. Thanks!

  4. I wanted this blog to be my way of stepping out into the larger world,being personally expressive and art work available to any passers by and you and you!!!!
    Mary Ann I'm telling Pablo that I've become a favorite a bookmark!!! thank you

  5. Great Day!....So glad to hear you have returned home. You had us all very concerned but I know that home is where your heart is and where healing exists - surrounded by all the beauty you have created. You are so amazing to me -even in the biggest of life's challenges you had visions and ideas of creativity and great art still to come.
    Blessings, Karen