Monday, March 10, 2008

Sales equal Encouragement?

Mixed media on paper...Arches printmaking paper. The finished look, matted, under glass has a polished and sophisticated appearance. This piece is important to the series as it is the mother to the next 10. I had worked with the concept of the human & divine in abstract forms but this one showed me so much potential. Right away, I wanted to explore more ways to express these odd shaped stitched circles within squares as a way of clarifying the spiritual mix. I was also encouraged to continue when this piece sold off my studio wall!
This is my second post and it has taken me nearly a week to get to it...I am humbled and want to congratulate all you bloggers that post lively, interesting blogs with regularity. I don't feel my life is busy...just Pablo (new husband) and me here at the beach. We have our routines but slow paced for sure. I've kept a journal for over 25 years so I thought it would be an easy transition for me only I find myself concerned with spellcheck, making sense(not easy for a visual artist) and fun...things that never concerned me when I was keeping my journal just for myself. I have on my list to see about flickr and some ways to spread out into this vast new world. I promise to get to fun soon but for now I'm glad to be out here taking my first few rides!


  1. MaryAnn, I am so impressed by the work. It is exciting and I know Annie would love to be here with you and maybe have a post of her own. The work must take a lot of stretching because it has a lot of "soul".

  2. Thank you Annie would have had a great blog!

  3. For me, the "writing" for the blog (spell check, editing and making sense) got easier and easier. Sometimes when I'm in a chatty mode, I'll draft a few posts(and not publish them) and then go back to them, polish, add photos, then publish.

    congrats on the sale!!

    loved seeing you!!