Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Inspiration

"00" This 8"x8" canvas was the first in the series that I developed after completing and selling the one pictured below. I like challenging myself to create with unfamiliar media such as machine stitching fabric and adding paint, oil pastel and silver leafing. It has been my way of discovering the "beginner's mind". With all that said, the canvas has taken on it's own beauty by becoming a simple, raw image that holds mystery for me. The row of narrow lines below the circle have appeared in my work many times. I believe they represent the marking of time for me as all time -- ancient and sacred -- fascinate me. This series feels done and totals 12. Maybe I will come back to the concept of the human and divine but at a later time and with a different approach.

I've taken a break from the studio to focus on new inspiration and have found some interest in the perfection of the snowflake?! Pablo brought home two beautiful and informative books on the snowflake so I have research ahead. Before work there is play! Tomorrow we will take off for a day trip to Carmel. The forecast is for a sunny day and I'll take the camera!


  1. I am intrigued by the snowflake direction. I found the "Icy Hot journey of an Unknown Artist" title interesting too. I'm curious how you see or experience the "Icy?" The hot is so obvious when I think of you!

  2. Could you lead us through your "thinking" process to get to the finished products. Such as that cloud needs re-interpreting? So and so forth?

  3. Patrice, The icy...icy resolve to keep at this artist journey. I feel icy flow within when I realize the work demands resolve, determination and constant commitment well past the time when quitting was a perfect option!
    Anon, "thinking" is a big subject for me....later this week?!