Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Search of Saturn

18"x18", photo collage,crackle paste, gel, acrylic, tissue paper print and wax thread.
Beginning such a long time ago with a photo of an ancient Saturn and then returning to create 'the story' of  planet and myth...not so easy. I kept telling myself to keep moving it forward and at the end of the day I would have a new piece and a new direction. Several days working and I have ended here with this piece. I have added 10 moons of the 17 in the order of  their orbit and both the writing of Galileo and the photo of Galileo spacecraft. So I danced between ancient art, science of now and science of the 1700's.
This has been an interesting series for me. Not only do I love the idea of space but I have always felt I have been living here (all of us actually) in this solar system as my wider more expansive home. I get such a feeling when I know I'm gazing at Venus or Jupiter!  I'm sure the discoveries are in there infancy but I have learned more than I had in my school years and creatively it has been rich and satisfying. I'm off to Uranus and truly feeling very far from Earth and  the Sun.


  1. Wonderful color - so warm, and very planetary!

  2. Another beauty! I'm loving this series, Mary Ann. You've taken us on a very unique and fascinating journey with your lyrically stunning pieces.

    And you mentioned gazing at Venus or Jupiter. These two planets have been dominating the night sky here. As they dance around the moon they are truly awesome!

  3. I love it, it's beautiful. Just like the other one in the former post.

    Sweet greetz!

  4. the use of Galileo's words and the spacecraft is brilliant. Before I envisioned the statue at the bottom of the piece, so fun to see him at the top.

    takes us out of our small day, to think about the solar system in its vastness

  5. Gorgeous light and colour. Have fun in Uranus!

  6. Lovely - is this piece something that grew from the previous piece or are they totally separate?

  7. wonderful where this ends up... adore the texture and the stitches... oh my...

  8. Your studies have been so thoughtful and compelling in this series. I really can relate to this one, as astrologically, Saturn is either my grandfather or trickster. I like the 'stone tablets' this work is painted on. It seems so very appropriate.

  9. such a feeling of depth in the overall.
    I can imagine peering through that dark rectangle in the lower left, as if it were the window of the spacecraft.(even though I realize the painting doesn't read that way)Love the movement you've provided for the moons, and aaaah yes! The stiches!

  10. Patrice, So nice of you to drop by...thanks!

    Sharon, Yes, the night skies have been great...!

    Moma Luna, The photo of the ancient Saturn was a great find...the crackle paste was fun too!

    Suki, I agree, thinking in terms of solar life and complaints seem so small.

    Maggie, Thanks so much...glows you say!

    annell, Great to have you visit and thanks for your good words!

    Carole, Thanks...looking forward to Uranus...I think blues and greens for a change!

    Karen, Yes, this piece expanded from the former post which was only in the left hand corner.

    Caterina, Oh boy, I love making the stitches...something of the hand showing is always good!

  11. Marie, Thank you...grandfather or trickster...I like. The tablet composition seemed to make itself as I stood back at one point and saw the shapes...hard to pass up such an interesting shape.

    Babs, So glad you like this piece and we both agree about the stitches. I have been trying to imagine sitting in a spacecraft and seeing the mind stretching!

  12. I'm struck by your connection to the planetary spheres--the feeling that from a long time ago, you belonged "out there." It seems to me that as one who dwells in both worlds, your work brings back messages to us earth bound beings!

  13. Your series is thought provoking and wondrous, it is so hard to visualize the whole galaxy out there. You have a great imagination.

  14. This is wonderful. I enjoy looking "through" space to the Galileo spaceship. The whole painting complex is constantly moving - just as our universe is! A successful journey into space!

  15. Hannah, I am smiling at every is great when that happens! Thank you!

    Roxanne, I enjoy my imagination...never being a great student this series has allowed me to study at my artistic pace!

    Pat, Journey, exploration, study and expressing...nicely wraps up this space myth thing!