Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturn Forgotten

The actual paper measures 18"x18" but this little corner is about 9"x12". I began here over a week ago and then 'life' happened.. I keep regular studio hours so it's a big deal for me to be away from the work table. First the refrigerator quit and all that needed to happen to get the old one out and the new one in and at the same time keep all the food cool. Next we both got an awful case of  food poisoning and with only one day to recover before needing to leave for Sacramento (two hour drive). We stayed two nights and carefully ate saltines & drank bottled water ....not such a good time but we finally felt better before coming back home.
Now with so much time away I haven't a clue about where I was going with this piece. I used crackle paste and measured pencil lines along with some yellow and ochre glazing. I'm going to 'sit' with it this weekend and on Monday set up paints etc. and begin again.
Happy March!!


  1. Oh, life! It has a way of getting in the way of our plans! I see the heroic warrior in this piece that speaks of the way you dealt with it all in your stride.

    I love the colours of this "warrior" and crackle seems perfect in lots of ways. What's that Leonard Cohen line, "there's a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in."

    Wishing you studio time and gentle healing.

  2. Oh dear, you really are having a bad patch Mary Ann. I hope you are feeling better and back into the studio to gather yourself again.

  3. ZDS, I love that line from Leonard Cohen and will keep it in mind when I start back to work!

    Robyn, Thank you for your good wishes...I'm feeling so much better, the refrigerator is humming and I have the time to start again.

  4. Reminding me of old plaster walls in Italy.....

  5. well, an interesting challenge, to work from where you began not knowing what you were going to do. It will evolve from what is there.

    Sorry about the traumatic week. And I see "funeral" in the notes so I guess the trip was for a funeral. So sorry.

    Glad you are feeling better. Onward!

  6. So glad you are better. It wasn't from the food that wasn't refrigerated?
    I like this new work, I hope you find your threads and can continue with it.

    Food poisoning sounds awful, I glad that it is in the past!

  7. Annie, I was going for old plaster walls and now I only hope it sticks to the paper.

    Suki, Great word 'Onward'...very powerful and positive...thanks!

    Pat, We can't seem to figure how we got the food poisoning as we ate different foods and different cafes...maybe the water? It feels so good to feel good again!
    Yes, I'll be finding the threads to continue!

  8. Life, life, life.....
    Love this new work. I wonder where it will take you.
    I hope you are both feeling better.
    Happy March to you too!

  9. I love the crackle paste effects, and I'm sure you'll get this piece all sorted out.
    Whoa, food poisoning! That can be so serious,,,,never had it, but have known people who did.So glad you're feeling better.Terrible to have to travel when not well.
    Life does have it's own demands sometimes, but I have no doubt you will find your way with the painting, and resolve it.
    Stay well!

  10. we all know about the day to day things that get in the way, especially being ill... and sometimes I think it is good to not know where you were going with a piece and just let it be interpreted by others.. of course love the texture and has an old world look that i adore... feel better soon! x

  11. Carole, I have been wondering too about how this Saturn will turn out. I just need to show up and push forward...I hope, I hope!

    Babs,I too love crackle doesn't always behave but when it does it sure looks old and wonderful.

    Caterina, I agree, if we knew the outcome then why bother...magic, surprise always works!