Thursday, February 16, 2012

Io's Photostream

14"x14" acrylic, heavy molding paste, photo copies and acrylic crayon, white gel pen.

The last of Jupiter's 4 important moons or at least important at this writing. Io's scientific story begins with the gigantic pull of Jupiter and the opposite pull by Europa and Ganymede which results in Io's surface heaving up and down like an ocean tide. This is one explanation of Io's volcanoes hurling and exploding sulphurous material at an amazing force. Io is one active moon which rivals Earth in volcanoes. On its pizza shape surface there is sulphurous snow and ice and huge lava beds and below all that might be a sulphur ocean?

The myth once again has Jupiter as fooling this young heart of Io and once again Juno (his wife) seeking revenge with magic and such. This story even brings in Mercury all to keep the chaos going and going and going!
These small photos of Io were taken by the Galileo spacecraft and I added them as multiples because they looked so alone and perfect and together as a review of the icy and volcanic beauty.
Looking at Saturn now and I hope to change it up...another vantage point....another interpretation...something but not sure what or how?


  1. I really like the way those individual moons are in the larger one...very visually interesting! And I enjoy the textures and your use of color here. What a great series Mary Ann.
    Wish me luck with the word verification...I find it overly challenging!

  2. Leslie, Just removed the word verification...looks like it didn't get in your way. Thanks for the good words!

  3. This is turning into a great sequence. I carry them in my head like big orange moons through long February nights.

  4. I love the depth in this painting.

  5. the colors in this are wonderful and i love the little areas that almost look like water drops. i echo Leslie in saying this is a magical series, inspired.

    i dont think i knew about acrylic crayons.

    it is ironic that blogger probably initiated the double word verification to protect us all from spam invaders. yet it is bringing us all to deleting the WV function because it is so hard for our readers.

  6. your texture is outstanding and I do love the smaller moons within the large one... really like the piece below as well...

  7. I just love the rectangular shapes within the round, and of course the colors are perfect. Just amazing the visual effects you obtain from words. Perfect!

    Don't think I know about acrylic crayons either?????

  8. There is something so satisfying and complete about a cirucular shape, be it full or empty; replete or waiting; orbiting within or without.

  9. This is becoming a great series! I've been studying the sky lately when the clouds separate long enough to get a good glimpse of the stars. I'm dreaming of Blue Skies!

  10. Really loving the depth in this piece as Mim said. It really pulls me in.

  11. This piece seems to have such movement and a "push and pull" which I like very much. Very dynamic and pleasing!!!

  12. This piece glows and is full of mystery. Another beautiful piece in the series, Mary Ann.

  13. I think I say this about some of your pieces, it has an Asian flavour to it. I say this because I love anything with a slightly Asian flavour. I'm thinking of temple gongs. Probably not exactly what you were thinking! Love the colours and textures.

  14. Annie, I'm thrilled to think you carry these moon images.

    Mim, Thank you...lots of layers to icy surfaces.

    Suki, Those double word verifications are too awful...yet to get it on first try.
    I misspoke: I should have written CARAND'ACHE AQUARELLE.

    Caterina, Thanks...actually my favorite is the one below but as they say 'love all the babies'!

    Babs, The words lead me into the images and visa versa...thank you. I should have written water based crayons.

    louciao, I agree completely about the circle. Our moon is so beautiful in its full stage.

    Carole, Our winter days have been clear bright blue with some soft gray fog in the morning...need rain!

    Karen, Glad you like this one!

    Cynthia Monica, Thank the push & pull aspect!

    Robyn, Thank you...a few more planets to go and then.....!

    ZDS,I so like the idea of temple gongs out there past Mars!

  15. Love that... bringing Mercury in which keeps all the chaos going and gojng and going!
    And I love this painting as much as the last.
    Its helped by the fact I adore the mythological and cosmological references... but... then again... I would love these paintings without any of that!
    They're just alive Maryanne!