Monday, January 30, 2012

Callisto's Heart

14"x14" acrylic, collage, mylar, stencil, wax thread on paper, oak stain.

The mythology of Callisto is a similar story when connected to Jupiter/Zeus. It begins with jealousy, betrayal, illegitimacy, almost matricide and ending with magic and revenge...ahhh a day with the Zeus family! Not one to use heart shapes in my work I surprised myself when I found this old mylar heart in my collage box. It seemed to be perfect and I got past my resistance and added it to the mix....a possible heart totem. Also added wood stain to unify the colors?!

The actual moon of Callisto is airless and the most cratered place in the solar system with one huge crater that is completely iced over. 

We took our trip south to the Monterey and Carmel area where we relaxed with beautiful surroundings and winter sun. Found a breakfast place in Pacific Grove that served a fabulous frittata. No complaints...great place to sit and watch the waves.


  1. I'm enjoying my tour through Greek mythology via your collage pieces--what a way to go! Also a marvelous way to deal with all those sticky issues that the Greek gods dabbled in. Have you ever thought of making a book compiled of your images and commentary?

  2. Mary Ann, you have such a comfortable way with orange: I applaud...enjoy learning about myths and moons through your words.

  3. wonderful colors. i know what you mean about hearts but it works beautifully here.

    glad you had a relaxing vacation.

  4. Are those staples? They add to the beauty of this piece. Such warm rich colours!

  5. i really like the heart and the way you "found" it and incorporated it into the work. yes, the Zeus fam the first dysfunctional fam.. lol

  6. As usual, you have manage to come up with another wonderful creative piece and story!

  7. Great idea to warm up that iced-over crater of Jupiter with a mylar heart. By adding wood stain does it become a wooden heart? Maybe that wonderful break you had in Carmel helped you get over your resistance to using heart imagery.

  8. I love this piece and YES, I have to agree with Maggie Neale here above: you handle this fiery color in such a beautiful way. As for what I think are stitches this piece would not be near as appealing without them, well done, artist-of-my-heart!

  9. Yummy orange, staples, circles etc make this an incredibly delicious piece of art. I'm really enjoying where you are going with these Greek themed pieces.

  10. ...a found heart. I love that it is stapled as if tethered to a landscape where only "almost" hearts begin to emerge. A preserved possible almost like the first flower.

    loved your story of a day with Zeus.

  11. Oh, I'm so late, lately!

    But I'm here,,,,and loving this piece!
    I don't do many heart things either,,but what you've done with yours is excellent.
    I'm seeing a broken heart all patched up and stiched back together in glorious technicolor!
    Wood stain,,,how unique!

  12. Hannah, How did you know? Actually I am putting together a catalog of favorite pieces and including some writing.

    Momo Luna, Thank you so much and nice to visit your site as well!

    Maggie, I do enjoy playing with color...all colors. I'm enjoying this space exploration and the added feature of Greek stories.

    Suki, Yes, the heart is a loaded used up in silly ways that I had resistance to the actual power of the heart image.

    Robyn, Oh I wish I had used would have been stronger. I used my wax thread instead.

    Caterina, Yes, these original Greek myths have dark aspects but then so do TV shows...nothing really new?

    Eva, Thank you, the stories are there and the moons surfaces are intriguing...from a distance of course!!

  13. louciao, Hoped the heart would show empathy for all those Greek tragedies attached to these icy moons. Wonder if the wood stain might eat through the layers of paper? Oh well.

    franswazz, Thanks for your vote of confidence on the stitches. Using the wood stain muted all the colors (even the orange)in a unifying way.

    Carole, Thank you. These four Galilean moons tell the stories of major dysfunction...universal themes!

    mansuetude, Turnabout is fair. ...I love each of your words on this story of "heart". Thank you

    Babs, Your comments are so welcomed...early or late. Actually the heart is opened through the mylar...good call!

  14. ah these are my colours! so rich and warm and the heart feels right at home.

    love your passion for these stories of planetary dramas!

  15. Dear Mary Ann, your shades of orange in these two pieces burst with strength and energy and playfulness. Lovely...