Monday, January 23, 2012

Excavation of Ganymede

15"x15", acrylic, oil pastel, gold leaf and collage.
Ganymede is one of the four large moons of the many moons of Jupiter and the first one I thought I'd explore. There is the dark side of the moon, the unseen and excavation would be a great idea. Some photographs show long grooves on the surface very much like giant raked areas so there is plenty of mystery. I added the bird  sitting on the scaffolding because the mythical God Jupiter/Zeus is famous for disguise!

A trip to Carmel is in my near future and I have no plans for excavation there beyond placing my toes in the sand. If it rains...I'll need to step up the shopping and or coffee/bakery stops!

Happy New Year of the Dragon!


  1. Very interesting composition. I really like that you added the bird.....sort of like the Trickster or Shape Changer.

  2. I like that your dark side of the moon is such an optimistic colour. I'm sure that crow has something important to say.

  3. Mary Ann,
    Another great work by you! Though I'm no 'galaxy' person at all myself, your artwork somehow resonates with me... It even made me download the skymap app and have a look at Jupiter a few weeks ago, so good to expand one's horizon!

  4. This is terrific. You seem to have an endless creative source. Could you please tell me the secret of your constant production? I seem to need a down time to re-build up the quest to bring another item into life.

  5. Ganymede - never heard of it. You are helping to inspire and educate our inquisitive minds.
    ...put a bird on it! (my shout out to Portlandia) Love the crow!

  6. Fabulous work and I appreciate the story with it.

  7. Happy Year of the Dragon to you! This piece is most interesting and could have so many interpretations and, well, I just love it!

  8. ah, full of mystery and color. Did not know of Ganymede have a wonderful trip, rain or shine.

  9. Jupiter surveying his domain. I love his perch and his stance above the scaffold. Beautiful. What an amazing series you are creating here.

  10. Oh I missed you wonderful Icarus painting in the previous post so here I am saying thumbs up to both...
    Loving this series of mythic subjects... evocative and fascinating works to contemplate Maryanne!
    HAve a lovely time in Carmel!

  11. cerulean, Love that you love it!

    Carole, The bird really speaks to the Jupiter/Zeus myth for me.

    Annie, The scaffolding appeared after I ripped off something else?!

    Regina, I am smiling about you looking for info on this subject...what fun!

    Pat, I have a backlog in my brain of all the colors, all the stories, all the explorations so it is actually hard NOT to work in the studio. Down time is good too!

    Karen, Ganymede was an interesting read...the myths get quite complex but tie in with the connections to the planet Jupiter. Like the bird too!

    JoMurray, Thank you. the myths are always interesting...better than current TV.

    Cynthia Monica, I'm having fun exploring different ways and I think I'll be more and more abstract as I go along...but I did like using the bird.

    Suki, It is amazing all the names for all the major and minor moons of these planets and each connected to the great myths.
    Looks like sunny days ahead!

    Sharon, Thank you, I am enjoying this whole planet series and it is giving me a chance to evolve in ways I express.

    Sophie, Thank you, this whole myth/planet/moon series is engaging and bringing me happily to the work table.

  12. love that delicious orange and those little squares look like maps, which appeal to me. And as always I love your stories that go with your work.

    Oo, Carmel, that sounds like fun. And lots of galleries to peek into. I always find that inspiring when I travel. happy traveling!

  13. I am just loving this series. Your personal symbols are wonderful...from the stiched wings of Icarus to the scaffolding of Ganymede. Your paintings just keep getting better!

  14. ZDS, Thank you, I like the stories too...only I take just what I like.
    Carmel was fun...had the best frittata of my life!

    Marie, Thank you for your vote of confidence!

  15. weerpheHi Maryann !

    Love this one :-)

    Wish you a creative and pieceful 2012 !
    Best from Liv