Monday, January 16, 2012

Heat and Smoke

18"x18" acrylic, digital fabric transfer, paper collage, clear tar gel, wax thread on paper.

One last look at the asteroid belt and the myth of Icarus. Here I've placed the wings moving downward with stitching and a faint dark blue color at the bottom of the piece. Used the clear tar gel as a glaze and wax thread for the stitching. I could create with wings all day...something about that feeling of flying or maybe a universal call to angels with massive white wings. Wings of any kind or color make a beautiful image to me.

Leaving and moving out to the area of Jupiter where the heat and light from the sun is very very far away. Here the light is created by strange mix of gasses, electrical storms...light created from within you might say.

I'm so slow with my computer but I finally bought an iPod and I'm enjoying all my tunes in one well as growing my playlists! Shopping at iTunes and listening to so many radio stations....where have I been.... in a cave?


  1. I love the well worn look of the wings...

  2. This is gorgeous. I just love the stitches. Wishing you many happy ipod times!!

  3. I love the work: both the wings and the circles... beautiful colors too!

  4. Your painting pulled me right in. love the stitches, the colors the movement.
    I still don't know how to put stuff on my ipod so I just listen to the same stuff all the time....pathetic, I know.

  5. I love reading your posts; each one has the feeling of being a part of novel told in installments, each post building on the one before it. The wings are gorgeous and come across the screen so well, you can almost see them beating.

  6. wow!! you nailed it Mary Ann - remarkable piece xo

  7. Very nice painting, I can tell you're inspired by wings!

    I'm still listening to music on the original ipod Shuffle. It holds enough music for me and when I get tired of it I just delete it and put some new stuff on. I'm always creating new playlists.

  8. Oh my gosh.....this is one of my favourite pieces! Gorgeous. The stitching, the wings, the colours...gorgeous!

  9. Yes!! Such an intriguing piece, Mary Ann.I love the stitching .... the mending, the mysterious quality and the glorious deep colours.

  10. You are flying high Mary Ann - beautiful image

  11. Karen, Thanks...well-used wings.

    Annie, I think we are all drawn to those simple stitches...early memory thing, I'm sure.

    badlydrawngirl,Thank you for stopping by and thank you for noticing the texture.

    Regina, Glad you like this one!

    Leslie, You had me laughing about the ipod stuff...I find it all so time consuming.

    Hannah, Lovely take on these wings...thank you...glad you like my journey descriptions!

    Jeane, Floating on your words today...thank you!

    Stan, Thank you...I do love wings.
    Oh, I will try the ipod shuffle thing!

    Carole, I'm so glad to know this is your favorite...stitches work for me too!

    Robyn, Thank you so much...spirit lifting words!

    Rosie, Flying high in my dreams...thank you from this land lover!

  12. Loving the eerie glowing light in this one.(and how you described it)
    Are the wings actually incorporated into the work with stiching, or does the layering make it appear so?
    Whichever,,,it is beautifully intriguing.
    I'm more pathetic thank Leslie. I don't even own an ipod. But I did finally fire up my Kindle that is over a year old.I can even use it, yaaaaa!

  13. Luscious, atmospheric, soul-stopping image! I now can't decide if like this or the other Icarus one best... Just wish I could see both of them in person.

  14. hello fellow cave person! the first thing that struck me and resonated deeply is I love how the wings have stitches on them. Don't ask why but that seems really key to me. Love the mystery of this piece.

    I have used tar gel. It is a strange beast, don't you think? Love how you mix so many ways of working together.

  15. This is hauntingly beautiful. Perfect. WoW!

  16. Love it, love it, love it. Rich, ethereal, strong...and I got to see it in it, love it...

  17. the background colors are so lovely with the lighter wings. the stitches really make it special.

  18. Babs, YOU have a KINDLE? The wings were on a square piece of cloth and that was glued onto paper...the stitches were between the image and my extended painting.

    Sharmon, You stopped by heart with "soul-stopping"...thank you.

    ZDS, Welcome to my cave...and I thought I was alone.
    Clear tar gel is quirky...I was going for drips but IT went a different way!

    Sharon, Thank you so much!

    Deena, We are a mutual supportive system...thank goodness!

    Suki, Thank was no easy trick keeping the wings light and background dark but not too dark.

  19. Great combination of materials. The soft drape, yet obvious strength of the wings is lovely. And the stitching provides not only visual interest but an anecdotal element as well.

  20. Your soul takes wings here, Mary Ann. Love the deep mysterious colors and the arrangement of forms. I never think to use my tar gel stuff..hmmm...

  21. ... broken wings - healing.
    That means it to me.

    Wonderful and touching my heart.