Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oceans Europa

15"x15" on paper, collage, molding paste, acrylic and white ink.

Europa is one of the  four moons of Jupiter referred to as the Galilean satellites. Discovered by Galileo in 1610. Europa is the smallest of the four and its landscape is very much like a cracked cue-ball. A relatively young  moon and its surface looks like water seeping through faults which may have smoothed  the surface ice leaving the long stains. A global ocean may lie in the darkness under ground....under this ice!
I've purposely left out any Jupiter imaging on all four pieces and focused on the landscape and mythological stories of each moon. The star constellations behind this moon shape represent all the many named stories. In Europa's case the Taurus Bull is attached to the story...Callisto is connected to "The Bear" constellation.. note: Europa's  story as the others....disguises, kidnapping, lovemaking, birthing sons and in this myth Europa becomes queen of Crete.

I'm looking at IO as the last of the Galilean moons. There is more interesting myth and also some interesting science and possibly more water?!

Next will be Saturn, a huge distance from Jupiter...twice as far as Mercury to Jupiter so this will be a long ride! Is anyone familiar with a short story or book written about the moon Titan by Vonnegut? I have been on a search.
This will be a long trip in the darkness and I'm packing sandwiches and snacks for the travel ahead.  Even though I haven't left my chair, I can't help but feel the distance away from planet Earth and the Sun. Getting into this SPACE is a mind altering experience...very much like leaving home.

FYI: My computer is giving me fits and has been SLOW to visit some bloggers and if I  do visit its even slower to leave a  comment so I give up...I'm calling in the computer guy next week!


  1. I love this piece. I love this series. Here the surface, colors and those hand drawn circles at the bottom are wonderful.

    I am having similar problems on-line. But the issues are with Google and Blogger and seem like no end in sight. I have almost given up. Almost. I would really miss your journeys!

  2. Beautiful piece!
    I'm not sure it's your computer. Mine's pretty new and I've been having problems with some blogs as well.

  3. Mary Ann, this piece must be even more beautiful face to face. I enlarged it to see all the background drawing and the texture. Really amazing!

  4. just beautiful. my favorite. love the shadow around the moon.

    have you heard about the lake discovered beneath two miles of ice in Russia (I think)

    I dont know that story. Let us know if you find it.

    ok, bon voyage. be sure to wear your seatbelt!

  5. Stunning piece. Love that red on the bottom with the "moon phases."

  6. Sharon, Glad to read you like and I agree the bottom circles speak nicely.
    Good also to read about blogland troubles...thought it was just me.

    Carole, Thank you...much appreciated.
    Hope these blogger glitches stop soon!

    Robyn, This piece looks especially good under glass...brings out the dark browns and reds. Thank you!

    Suki, Yes, I saw the story on my Yahoo news...I'll go back and read about the lake. Glad you like this Europa...colors work for me.

    Kim, Thank you so much. Yes, to the red tissue on the bottom...simple things work sometimes!

  7. Everything about this just feels smart!

  8. Yep, another winner.I, too, enlarged to see all that wonderful stuff going on in the background. Love it!
    Also very appealing is the offset from the center format.
    I think you're an awesome space traveler,,,I'd bring cakes to go with the sandwiches if you'd invite me.But alas, I'm afraid of the dark.
    Echoing also what's been said about the colors here,,,truly great!
    (and yes, Blogger gives me fits now & then also)

  9. it's very beautiful - I agree with all the comments! love the texture and everything about the background. Inspiring

  10. there is so much to like about this work Mary Ann, but my fav is the research you attach to your work and how it becomes this visual treat xo

  11. Mary Ann, I must add an "amen!" to all these comments; the piece is luscious in so may ways. Regarding the Kurt Vonnegut book, are you looking for "The Sirens of Titan"?

  12. This strikes me as a powerfully alive and exciting artwork Marryanne!
    I love that it just feels so completely resolved and remarkably 'here'!

  13. So gorgeous yet are doing some serious space travel out there! Love the scratching and texture, shading and shadows...and brillant use of orange shades! Of course, I always love your mark makings - I recognize those gel pens!

  14. This is a wonderful series. this painting is very special. So much to get inspiration from.
    The colors are wonderful as well as the story! Good ol' Europa, she was a busy lady.

  15. Karen, Why thank you...I like smart!

    Babs, Thank you...I've been space traveling and need to change it up a little...hoping Saturn will inspire.

    Mim, Thanks...I love all those jars of molding pastes and gels...good fun!

    Jeane, What a laugh...researching the myths...stories of chaos and more but I do like the science.

    Sharmon, Thank you...I found the Kurt Vonnegut book at local library...more stories!

    Sophie, 'Completely resolved and remarkably here'...thank you so much!

    Deena, I was back at the art supply but this time bought some white ink...playtime!

    Pat, Glad you like this one...and yes, these ancient ladies liked Jupiter and all his disguises!

  16. Glad I looked back to see this one...a fav for sure, the texture is grand and I love the circle line at the bottom.

  17. This is a favorite of mine from this series, I am so glad that I looked back. You are painting up a storm and your work is so rich and deep.