Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unearthing the Sacred

This is my first piece in my return to the series "Sacred Vessels" that I explored around 2005. I've been writing in my journal and coming to terms with memories, events and circumstances in my of the perks of being older is that I have plenty of history to draw upon!

This particular piece began by building with my favorite netting and then I tried some silver leaf? Things took a turn and I cut out the vessel from its background. Still not okay and feeling it was one of those failed pieces...I began ripping parts so as to save for future collage. Somewhere in this process, I liked the shapes and stopped to stitch the vessel back together again with a few pieces lost (brown paper backing). I rather like it now and realize it speaks to the memories I've been holding/letting go. In a true sense it was like unearthing sacred parts of my life...go figure?

It now measures 15"x 17", Rives BFK, collage, netting, silver leaf, molding paste, stencil, acrylic and wax thread.


  1. Interesting to hear how you create these wonderful works.

  2. The stitching makes me think of healing. The circular shape of the earth. Lovely.

  3. And my first impression is that this vessel holds the sea inside....

  4. This is very appealing and I keep imagining reaching into the picture with both hands to feel the vessel. It feels friendly and organic. Very old and mysterious.

  5. wonderful colors. you know, this feels to me like the way we, when older and with so many experiences, stitch together our life's memories, trying to make a whole of them of sorts. life is not a perfect whole, but we can stitch together our pieces and make something out of it.

    Yes, the stitches remind of healing and/or scars received on our life journey.

  6. Whenever I visit your blog I get sidetracked by your website. All of my favourite pieces incorporate stitching. As Carole commented.... the stitching makes me think of healing.

  7. Fascinating to hear your process and meaning...I really like the it a nice quality and although the piece is 2 dimensional, it really does look like a 3 dimensional work.

  8. Wow, it looks like some ancient vessel, unearthed by archaeologists. Interesting process.

  9. love the texture and like everyone else, the stitching is fabulous xo

  10. Bridget, Glad you enjoyed reading my process on this one...thank you

    Carole, Yes, me too on the called holding things together or mending.

    Annie, I love your first clearly imaginative!

    Nellig, Thank you...I like friendly, organic and I also like old and mysterious!

    Suki, Thank you,you nailed this piece about my intentions...a way of wrapping up old memories or in this case stitching them.

    Robyn, Thank you, I have enjoyed the sewing and using the wax thread on the paper...very different from thread and cloth. Healing, yes.

    Cynthia Monica, Once I cut it out of its background it became more 3 dimensional.

    Jo Murray, I have a fascination about digging up treasures...not in real life but in a dream sense!

    Jeane, Thank you...texture evokes so much feeling and glazing gives it all depth. Love the stitching too.

  11. love the colours and the stitching. wonderful texture too.

  12. It carries Breath and earth. I love this.

  13. So cool that you ripped it up and stitched it back together again in a slightly different form. Like one does with one's memories. I love the netting and the stitching and the silver and the subtle colours you've used.

  14. History and memory are piling up on me too.
    I'm lovin' how you put yours to such good use.
    So much interest in this piece,,the underlayer peeking through is mysterious, the stiches intriguing.
    And as always, just the BEST coloring.
    Applause, applause!

  15. THIS just may be a favorite piece of yours for me...and it TRULY signifies the wabi-sabiness of artmaking when you trust your intuition, tear,stitch...letting the 'holes' let the light in....leonard cohen: "forget your perfect offerings, there's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" from my recollection of his song. ring the bell.
    there's a crack or two in all of us, and when we're older, we come to realize that may be how the light got in...

  16. I like what you have done! Van Gogh said, "I think life is round."

  17. Wonderful piece. I am all about the Divine Feminine right now, so I love-love this!

  18. Fascinating process--your piece seems to speak of tikkun o'lam, the repair of the world, the bringing together of the shards of light into one whole. And as others have said, it is a healing act, the stitching.

  19. This is a wonderful piece!! The stitches add so much. I'm looking forward to seeing more in this series.

  20. LOVE IT Maryanne!
    Like your sacred vessels very much .... resonates deeply with me.
    This is such an interesting story from when you were working on this ... it conveys that capacity that exists for the art making to be so integrated with life experience that the ideas, the making and materials all cohere!
    S x

  21. ZDS,Thank you...color was a surprise.

    mansuetude, Breath and!

    Louciao, encouraging words...thank you.

    Babs, Yes, memories...I'm one of the last and hold the family memories.

    neva, I'm 100% in love with Leonard Cohen's music...thank you for attaching these lovely lines to this vessel.

    annell, Life is round...I agree.

    Tess, The age of the Divine Feminine returns.

    Hannah, Love the reference to tikkun o'lam...a little repairing at a time...thank you.

    Eva, Thank you...I'm working on a collagraph print of vessels.

    Sophie, Making art purposeful with personal and universal content is a challenge indeed...glad you like this piece!

  22. It seems the process you describe is very much like the unearthing of memories- you bring them up from long ago, analyze and tear them apart, then put them back together in a new form, so they become part of the present. Very inspiring piece, Mary Ann!

  23. I do enjoy hearing about the journey. I think I should try it but have the feeling it will be:
    "blah,blah,blah....Oh maybe I should try this."
    You make it sound more like introspective poetry.
    I like where you are taking yourself and us.

  24. Sincerely loving all the great feeback you have gotten on this piece. Congrats!

  25. magnifique symbole .. la terre dans toute sa splendeur!