Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sacred Days Lived

20"x20" Rives BFK, handmade rubber stamp, assorted rubber washers, acrylic ink, stencil, collage, acrylic paint.

On my birthday this October, I have calculated I will have lived 24,455days give or take a few considering leap years. I know I've slept through a few of those days and also know I was numb for many more then I care to count. All in all they have been beyond wonderful...a gift...each day a blessing adding up to such an amazing abundance. So many were allotted so few days and here I sit with this sacred number. I have placed them in vessels of varied sizes and shapes. The two larger ones I was seeking a glass jar appearance with the sun stamps reflecting like fireflies captured in my heart and memory.

If interested my sidebar has a slideshow of my 2005 Sacred Vessels...they began as gelatin prints, measure about 18"x18" framed. Each one changed with addition of mixed media, such as pastel, collage and graphite.. Most have sold but it is nice to revisit them and I really enjoyed the gelatin print process.

Now I'm onto 24, 455 sacred nights!


  1. What a wonderful celebratory painting and and thoughts. The glass jar idea is readily apparent. I see glass globes floating like lanterns to illuminate a summer night's celebration.

  2. Beautiful vases, really great! I now should start counting how many days I have lived... in september will be my birthday, which I will celebrate somewhere in the States this year! Thanks for showing your lovely work,
    Regina, SXM

  3. How magnificent - your story and this piece! A celebration indeed, created by someone wise enough to perceive all this. I love the thought of the 24,455 sacred nights. Nights are too often overlooked.

    Your choice and use of media is delightful.

  4. I love the notion of your glass vials containing the measure of your days...the translucent quality of the glass both absorbing and reflecting light, as does a life well lived. Your thoughts remind me of the work of Donna Branch. You might want to take a look at her glass vessels...

  5. I'm imagining everyone who reads this post will be doing their sums!! There's a magic with adding the phrase sacred nights and I love how that comes through in the glassy vessels. So are you counting down the days to a special party?!!

  6. The image reminds me of the movie, Raise The Red Lanterns, it is the second time in two days, I have been reminded of that movie. Maybe it is time to see it again.

  7. Its is just so visually and poetically arresting Maryanne!
    and your writing on this....
    indeed precious...
    a love poem to life?
    Sophie xx

  8. Mary Ann, this piece is just beautiful - those little bottles floating about - it reminds me of stepping up to a dressing table with all the little perfume bottles just waiting to be opened xo

  9. I find your work so inspiring. We share an October birth month. I had to look yours up.

  10. It's a gift to see your life as sacred...that's why your work is such a blessing! Just luminous! Numbers stump me...but that's OK!

  11. Gorgeous work! Reminds one to take pause and enjoy living in the moment...hmmmmm...I think now I shall be adding up my days, and nights, such an interesting concept for creative expression, you are an inspiration!

  12. Magnificent!
    Yes,,,a summer evening celebration,magic lanterns,,,,fireflies.
    Sigh,,If I listen carefully, I can even hear the music. Such beautiful work Blue Sky!

  13. Those sacred vessels look like you have captured the essence of life. And that the life burns securely. How very lovely.
    Aside from that, the painting is wonderful, the colors, the layout, how the eye moves from lamp to lamp or amphora to amphora.
    Love it!

  14. Leslie, Thank you...I now see floating lanterns...I like.

    Regina, I had to get out a calculator for figuring out my days lived! Enjoy your travels!

    Sharon, Thank many days and nights and oh, the memories!

    Hannah, I did visit Donna Branch's site and I like her glass vessels...thank you! I like your take on absorbing and reflecting light!

    Annie, Actually I counted ahead on how many I will have at this age or this age...a fine collection of days lived! No party, maybe out to dinner!

    Annell, I remember the movie Raising the Red Lanterns...twice is a big must see it again!

    Sophie, Thank you...the large sum speaks of abundance and blessings to me...not that I have always noticed.

    Jeane, Thank you...I see them also as bottles and my grandmother's vanity...she let me amuse myself as a little one. The family story was that I painted (nail polish) a bit of red on the dresser!

    Paula, I like our October birthdays ...for me a time of endings and beginnings. Glad to inspire!

  15. wonderful idea to count the days. i too am an october b-day.

    The top two jars i find especially numinous. a wonderful series.

  16. your days, and your art, all "beyond wonderful." Sacred vessels representing sacred days, clear and sparkling, rich with time and golden with warmth. Oh, see what you have brought out from me!!!!

  17. Lyn, Thank you for your good words. Numbers baffle me too!

    Cynthia Monica, Thank you...slowing down, appreciating our easy to get caught up in busyness for me.

    Babs, Yes, glass jars and fireflies...I like the idea of music...its all such a dream isn't it?!

    Pat, Thanks for stopping by...I can always count on your words...amphora...vessel...I love it!

  18. Floating and suspended...light and counting...beautiful!!!

  19. This is just so vibrant and 3 dimensional (almost)! I see vessels, yes, but also lanterns and perfume bottles, fireflies and a sense that music and laughter can be heard in a distance.

  20. Your artwork pulled me in visually but your words made me linger... You've really outdone yourself with this post. I'm moved. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit and gifts with us.

  21. Beautiful cool and warm contrasts in this composition and sumptuous rich colours. What visually interesting marks you came up with from humble washers. I love how the deep blue behind the vessels adds depth to the picture. So often when I open your blog page and see a new image my immediate response is, "Ooooooooh!" This is no exception. Your words always lend such meaning to your work and reward the viewer with a deeper understanding. Great to be assisted in going beyond the sentiment of "gee, that's pretty!"
    I think those vessels of days also hold a lot of wisdom.

  22. What a good feeling it is to click on a new blog and be greeted by a great post

  23. What a beautiful piece! It evokes a very spiritual ancient wisdom & the colors are amazing. You've inspired me to make something to celebrate my b-day too.
    Your "vessel" project holds an abundance of talent and magic.
    Looking forward to you sacred nights!

  24. What a fantastic project... the vessels are so individual and luminous. 1001 nights...

  25. I'm seeing Japanese lanterns! They look quite festive, perhaps celebrating all those days of yours!

  26. Suki, Thank you...yes, I remember you are also an October often pleasant Libra over my sometimes dark Scorpio.

    Roxanne, I'm glad about all your words...nicely put...thank you!

    Diane, Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

    Deena, Always appreciate you and your words!

    Karen, Wonderful description of an interesting scene...somewhat Fellini-like! I like the lanterns and music playing, thank you.

    di, Glad this post pulled you in and hope you will return! Thank you.

    louciao, I like the idea of reaching a sorta of 'wisdom'. The art making is so strong within me that I hardly have words anymore...just color and such. Using washers was fun...I have the fellows at the hardware store shaking their heads!

    Poetic Soul, It is fun discovering new blogs...I'm glad you liked it sure to return!

    Marie, Thank you...I'm finding the sacred nights vessel a real challenge...what else is new?!

    Sue, Thank you...1001 nights + a few more!

    ZDS, Celebrating our days...coming to terms with ALL the days is no easy task but as always art making helps!

    Bloggers, This has been quite a turnout...thank you!

  27. your work is sooo delicious... please live many many more days ... K?