Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leaving Alhambra

These past several weeks have been rich in both research and art making. The Citadel/Oasis theme is a strong one for me and I have revisited it many times. I see it as an opportunity to explore a time of protection, respite, repose, comfort...a true time out. Dreaming of another place and time is a way of opening to new imagery, colors and textures. I began with eight first starts on 20"x20" paper and I'm showing four truly completed pieces in a small show in October. The other four are in a place of incomplete and unresolved. I might return to these four but for now I am on a new road. It's summertime and I'm anxious to play with another of my favorite subjects...the sacred vessel. Gathering materials, writing and feeling the excitement of a new challenge! How many this time? I'd like to try for 8 again as it is one of my favorite numbers.  I'm still working on creating 40 new pieces this year and if I were counting I'd say I have 21 completed since I began last autumn.

The first photo is of the Citadel and the other of a more interior view of Alhambra... taking in the beautiful ornately carved arches and sunlit fountains.This was a wonderful stopping off place for me and I will always remember these beautiful was as if I was really there! The four finished pieces are under the title of Citadel in my sidebar.


  1. I checked your photostream and lord, I am drooling. these are some of the finest pieces I've seen anywhere!
    Also, your Wait Station two. I don't have words to describe the intricate beauty.

    I've missed keeping up with your work in all my craziness, but I'm getting caught up now, and hope to do better.
    You are such an inspiration!

  2. It's such an evocative name for anyone who has ever been there. The Alhambra (and that region of Spain) will always be one of the most inspiring places I ever visited, so I've loved reading and seeing your posts that relate to it.

  3. Gorgeous. I love the effort you put into the research of your projects.

  4. thanks for posting them to Flikr as they are easier to see, larger. just gorgeous, absolutely astounding. Im so glad others will see them in your upcoming show!

  5. It's always bittersweet moving on, but the pieces you've created are filled with such grace and emotion. I am looking forward to whatever comes next.

  6. Your series had awakened long buried memories of the 3 months I spent in Granada; many afternoons spent wandering the hills behind the Alhambra. Coincidentally, I found a 2nd hand novel recently of a story that takes place in that beautiful city. You just never know how your art is going to filter out into the world and touch others. Thank you for this. I look forward to your exploration of the vessels theme, one that also draws me to it.

  7. It's been a pleasure! Your productivity is inspirational.

  8. Babs, You made my day! "Wait Station 2" is one of my favorites too.

    Annie, I like saying "Alhambra" it conjures up images!

    Tess, Research is that wonderful 'dream' state of what could be that I love so much!

    Suki, I too like the flickr site. I am amazed at all that I have learned in 'getting around' in blogland!

    Marie, Moving into new creative spaces is awkward at first but adventurous too!

    louciao, What a wonderful outcome of this series. Amazing finding a novel with the Alhambra as subject...a creative ride!
    Sacred vessels...big list!

  9. Love what you are doing and how you stretch to see another perspective. You do give me inspiration!
    Happy Fourth!

  10. Just beautiful Maryanne.
    I found the work 'silent alcove' at flickr ... loved that... then went touring and came on such wonderful works.
    I've had something of a similar passion for archways, stairs, buildings from former times, amphoras... so I can feel the sensation of the meditative focus, of resonating energy that these works contain for you.
    What a treat to visit.
    and thank you for the sweetest greetings!

  11. How wonderful that you are so inspired..and organized too! Count on you to present such beauty..

  12. When I read the words "Leaving Alhambra," I felt a little sad! This has been such a rich source on inspiration for you--as evidenced by the work. Each of the four works you've highlighted on the blog has a kind of luminous strength. At the same time, I know your next venture will be equally inspiring. Do let us know where you'll be showing the Alhambra work.

  13. Karen, Nice to be your inspiration...I have been working more in the studio and pretty pleased with my time management...learning to say no and not answering the phone helps.

    Pat, This Alhambra has been great for productivity...almost as much as my trip to Mars several years ago?!

    Sophie, Glad you took a tour of flickr and so glad you liked "Silent Alcove", one of my favorites. Your blog is a regular stop for me.

    Lyn, We seem to share in admiration...a trip to your blog is always a treat for me!

    Hannah, I felt the same way about leaving Alhambra but knowing I can return ANYTIME helps. I have returned many times to sacred vessels and always found new/old ways to express....its all fascinating, this art making.

  14. Working in a series is rich, and these show that well Mary Ann. I seem to have a few pieces that fall by the way side too. Or sometimes become a stand alone piece. Congratulations.

  15. I would love to really be there :) but it must be wonderful to live by creating a type of physical reality from imagination. Best part of being an artist really!