Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mirroring Images

19"x20" Rives BFK, print from a collagraph plate which includes screen, netting and cut matt board, acrylic ink, old cloth with crochet (my mother's handwork) my bird stencil, graphite and acrylic glazing

Placing the two prints side by side began a dialogue in my journal.of all the images and all the judgements  good and bad while looking into the mirror. The vessel shape resembles a bottle of perfume my grandmother kept on her mirrored vanity...cut amber glass with little legs. This is my second in the Sacred Vessel Series and becomes a container for all the needless appraisals of mirror images and a reminder not to get caught up in the song of appearances but rather in the acceptance of a sturdy body available for life to be lived.


  1. The little crochet edge is so lovely and so very special. I love this piece and I love your sacred vessel series!

  2. I absolutely love this concept of a Sacred Vessel.
    Your Grandmother's bottle,,,,perfect.

    Love the work,,,am I seeing a measuring device along one edge?
    A sort of 'measuring up'?
    I love the way you think,,,,and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. ...needless appraisals of mirror images. You said it! Such a hard habit to break.

  4. Something very pleasing about these vessels, something almost African in the patterning. Ah yes the mirror, lots of food for thought there.

  5. what an interesting shape of the perfume bottle and a wonderful symbolic vessel to explore. i love perfume bottles, the feminitity of them. i have some oldies and some of my mom's which still have perfume and remind me of her so much.

    I too love to use old crocheted segments though mostly i purchase ragged pieces at yard sales and use them.

    this is very lovely and oddly another person posted on mirror images in my sidebar today. i havent read it yet but he showed a Picasso painting of a woman looking in a mirror. Yoga for Cynics.

    myself, despite what you say about not making judgements, i'd rather not look in a mirror these days. i look so much like me olde gram.

  6. Funny how memories of our childhood are so compelling. Yet we have lived more years as adults and those memories do not sway us so forcefully.
    This painting is wonderful. And the birds singing praises are there, you just have to turn up the volume a little.
    We are all more than our reflections, Thank God.

  7. such vibrancy in this work -- and a collograph, too -- no easy task, there! love your process of covering the surface, uncovering memories and thus discovering!

  8. Tess, I really liked using my mothers crochet work...brought up memories of all the women in my life and the time spent before the mirror.

    Babs, It felt good to place these finished ways of thinking into the vessel. Yes, measuring is there...always worried I was getting taller than the boys?!

    Karen, Finally to look into the mirror's all in the vessel...done!

    ZDT, I think its the colors...kinda leopard in color and primitive in shape.

    Suki, The trick with the mirrors is to avert your eyes from scars and full views. Now I mostly see my mother and sister...sweet connection.

    Pat, It has taken me a lifetime to overcome those childhood worries...will my freckles fade? will I be too tall? why this nose? Now its just me in all my alive glory.

    Kelly, The printing was a full 2 days, preparing the plate and printing. Good process for me mixing art with memory and creative solutions.

  9. This is a gorgeous piece and reflects some of the richness you see in late 19th and early 20th century Viennese art. Your talk of mirroring also reminds me of the relationships that exist between twins--when behavior is mirrored, or when it diverges--which leads me to the whole struggle we as women face when we try to own our bodies, as they are, rather than mirror the ones presented to us! Good work!

  10. Another winner! Great idea for a series. I am drawn to the repetitious pattern on the bottles. I agree with Suki, I try to avoid the mirror and and any photos anyone in the family has taken of me. Age is not for sissies like me :O)

  11. The symbolism of the mirror/ grandmother's perfume bottle says so much; such a perfect way of confronting and storing memories. This beautiful piece really strikes a chord with me, and what you said about keeping our physical appearance in perspective... perfect.

  12. While this piece is visually arresting in itself, it is so much richer knowing your intentions behind it. Such wise words! The significance is so richly enhanced with the incorporation of your mother's crochet and the recalled shape of your grandmother's perfume bottle. What lessons did we learn from our mother and grandmothers about how we should be seen in the world, how we might value our own bodies as sacred vessels...and how can we move away from what is not our own truth.

  13. what an incredibly beautiful piece! and all it's symbolism - i've always so loved your sacred vessel concept - and this fits perfectly! i know your grandmother is sitting smiling gently at this one! it's magnificent!

  14. You do such interesting work... great textures and shapes.

  15. Hannah, I like your take on these vessels and all the possible aspects of mirroring. Took me years to come to terms with my mother's issues.

    Eva, I agree...this getting older takes true courage! The vessel is a good way for me to let go of unnecessary stuff. I tried to keep the pattern random on the bottle plate.

    Sharmon, Perfect words: confronting and storing memories...exactly my process.

    Louciao, Our mothers and grandmothers came from different eras and some from other countries. I grew up in a neighborhood of many nationalities...what a mess we all were growing up!

    Gypsywoman, Yes, the sacred vessel series is a strong one for me. Ahhh, to see all the mothers and grandmothers again!

    Jo Murray, Thank you...I like working with memories and paint!

  16. a really compelling image Maryanne!
    Hitting the archetypal layers of our subconceious minds with your work of late in particular ... wonderfully so!