Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nights Remembered

UPDATE: The questionable feather fell off and I took it as my direction!

18"x24", collage, monotype, hand cut stamps, rubber washers, painted cloth, watercolor ink and acrylic.

This is my sacred night vessel and began with a flash of recalling babies crying in the night, worries, fears, storms inside and out. Those awful creaks and noises in the darkest night. A deep breath and the mood changes to night music, passion and safe sweet sleep. These last memories far outweigh the darker ones. Again out of 24, 455 nights most have been blessed and almost all safe. Safe, as compared to others who walk in the night in fear and sleep with hunger.

This piece was a challenge and became darker than I had hoped...I added mediums and glazes and unexpectedly the moons in the vessel took on a gold color. I added (Sweetwood) SW-8591 which was our  first phone number, it represents to me all those nights the phone rang with good news and even bad. Question: Let go of the bird feather or keep it? I was remembering the night songbirds but I think the feather might be a distraction? I have a collograph planned for the next two.


  1. It's good to see you here! I like this piece and it symbolism. I also like the feather and what it represents to you, just maybe in a different location...not so obvious maybe? But who am I to say?! You are the artist. And it should (and does) come from your heart.

  2. oh this is so lovely
    and rather mysterious to me..ancient in a it

  3. I like the large-ness of it, and the quiet area at the bottom of the vessel.

  4. I think the feather is an interesting element, not a distraction.
    I enjoy reading and looking for things you've used in the piece.Is the entire vessel the painted cloth? I like that the rubber washers aren't uniform.
    Again, a beautiful,intriguing piece.

  5. This is such an intriguing piece, and even more so, when I blew it up to see the placement of the feather. I really love the direction you are going...your work has such richness and emotional quality that is fabulous.

  6. This is a lovely vessel, and I don't find it dark at all - like a dusty treasure found on a roman camp...

  7. a strong and powerful vessel. love all the circles including the circle marks at the top. I think I would miss the feather were it gone. I actually have a vessel, raku, with a lid and a coil of wire around it which came with a feather tucked in the wire, now lost though.

  8. I like the darkness of this vessel, so appropriate in its relation to all the memories and fears arising from the dark, yet with lightness shining on it, from it, around it.
    The shape is very pleasing; something one can grab hold of securely and hang on to (like a safe refuge in the night). I love the element of circles, especially those at the very top in their primitive messaging. I didn't notice the feather until you pointed it out. Looking at the piece in person, rather than as a digital image, the feather might be distracting...but only you can decide.

  9. Beautiful vessel. I love the symbolism and the lovely muted night colors.

  10. Oooo lovely .... I don't find this piece dark at all. As Teri commented, a different location for the feather might be better, though it was only after you mentioned it that I thought about it. I love the symbols at the top of the painting.

  11. I love this vessel Mary Ann. It seems very strong and just right. Congratulations!

  12. I'd never thought of creating a piece commemorating those long dark nights--yours is a gorgeous testament to mother love. I remember so well the held breath, the ear cocked for the sound of a cry. Your circles at the top somehow elicit those memories for me--and I look forward to reflecting on them--contained by the large, gentle gray vessel below.

  13. When I read about your bird feather I thought you were being philosophical and thought "Keep it!"
    In your painting, only you know.
    Love this one, your colors too. And your story...

  14. Your writing is always so rich - as if that wasn't enough - you put a visual to it with your art. We have all been touched by sounds in the night and your words walk each of us back on different paths to our own recollections.

  15. something sort of primal about it, which goes with your commentary on night. I love the white surrounding it. That keeps it from being too dark, I think.

  16. You really captured an ancient haunting quality. A worry vessel would be handy for putting all ones fears into. This is a nice piece. As for the feather. If you don't plan to sell it put it where you want it, otherwise I've learned they are illegal to use unless they are chicken feathers. Who knew?

  17. Long dark nights, phone ringing, and bird bring a lot of memories into your work and your words. A strong vessel indeed.

  18. Teri, Thanks for stopping by!

    Suz, Mysterious and ancient...I like that..thank you!

    Maggie, Thank does fill the space.

    Cynthia Monica, This sacred vessels series has been a rich experience for me...thanks!

    Babs, The bottom piece is painted cloth as well as a small piece under the cap...found in the big pile of collage stuff...everything else is paper!

    Sue,'a dusty treasure in a roman camp'... I have a love of archeology and this is a great vision...thank you.

    Suki, A raku vessel complete with a This feather dropped away but maybe will return in another piece.

    louciao, Thank you for your thoughtful comment...true, night fears can be haunting and at the same time nights carry sweet memories...I'm glad you like the circles on too!

  19. I can always count on profound beauty when I turn to your blog..but this one stuns much can look so deeply into it...

  20. badlydrawngirl, Thanks so much!

    Tess, Muted night colors...that was what I was going for...thank you.

    Robyn, The circle symbols above were drawn with my left hand...some of my strongest work is done with my weakest hand!

    Leslie, Thank you...these vessels have been a strong subject for me.

    Hannah, We shared in the mother's night memories...lost sleep for sure. I have felt the strong parts to this piece but so appreciate your words about a gentle vessel...thank you.

    Roxanne, Thank you... memories, stories and visions all get put into the making and hopefully magic too!

    Karen, Beautifully said and so true...thank you...we are all the result of our rich experiences.

    ZDS, I like primal as referring to night...lots of mystery in sounds and shadows. I think the white is helpful too.

    Eva, The feather took itself off but after your words of to feathers, I like art making to be without extra chaos such as legal or illegal issues. Thank you.

    Maggie, Motherhood alone brings all sorts of wakings and then there are the other sounds...plenty of long nights to remember!

    Lyn, Great comment...truly touched me...thank you.

  21. A great piece: the vessel of night large and moon laden, filled with the dark news of a sudden heart stopping phone ring, redemptive with sweet dreams and companionable shadows.
    A visual poem for sure!

  22. Sometimes it is not good to go back but you have made it a positive creation. Very lovely and compelling. I like to look at your vessel as a perfume bottle leading to night perfume.

  23. wow, your sacred vessels are just amazing...