Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yesterday's Painting

The canvas measures 24"x36" acrylic, collage. I'd say I'm in the middle of this piece. It's the third in the Inside/Journey Series. I'm using a paper moon I stitched with gold and silver threads several years ago. The blue photo shows it reversed in direction and thread color. I used the image for business cards and stationery. Well, now the original is being re-purposed to take me along to another aspect of my inner life. I have a guided meditation that leads one to enter the inside of one's body and access the one place as a personal sanctuary...I found mine to be a cool green stone bench in an alcove...a place I could lay my forehead on the cool stone and be comforted. The white area has already changed now to a green area...still needs work. The little birds (I like them) might have to go as it is no longer a good fit...we shall see. For right now I have quit the studio and will sit with it and see what is next.

We are making plans to go to Carmel next regular visitors,
we received a 50% offer off on the room and a $50 dinner included if we stay three nights during the week. Hard to turn that down and even though its raining...we can be very happy in our room, Pablo writing and I have my journals and sketchbook. When there is a break in the weather we can always go out for a long walk on the beach or a little shopping around. The resorts want to fill up before Christmas so this is good for everyone.

This has been a great Hanukkah Holiday for me and I just want to thank all of you who wished me and mine a Happy Holiday...greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: We are off tonight and will return Friday! Why do we have to take so much stuff?


  1. a lovely holiday of lights and festivities and good food, and then off to a room in carmel during the rains...fabulous balance!
    i admire your use of meditation and then ponderings, and reuse older parts into your new journey, another great balancing.
    best to you, enjoy,

  2. I love your meditation method.
    Blessed Holidays.

  3. Hi Mary Ann - you plans sound perfect. I love mini get-a-ways. Your process of meditation prior to working is so authentic...I see this as a strong piece.

  4. your inner life and meditation connecting to your work-- its interesting to read about it

  5. Chanukkah Sameach! I happened upon your blog whilst surfing blogs and have enjoyed the tour.

  6. This is looking good and I so love seeing it's process. I also love the way you and P. go off on mini-vacations and treat yourselves well. What fun. I should do some of that. have a glorious time.

  7. Your collage painting looks really seasonally appropriate. It seems to me to be a "Solstice" paint. New hope with the New Year. Very evocative!
    Carmel is certainly wonderful.

  8. Love the new piece. Have fun in Carmel!!

  9. yes, stop by for a visit and tea...

  10. Oh but I love the birds!
    How special a little trip to Carmel!
    Long, long ago I was wowed by that area. Beautiful is a complete understatement!

  11. Neva, Carmel should be great even if it is raining! Happy Holidays to you!

    Katelen, A guided meditation is a good tool for me.
    Blessed Holidays to you and yours.

    Leslie, Thank you, this piece feels good right now...potential wise.

    Donna, We all have our own process...and guided meditation or journaling has been a favorite for me.

    Judy, Thank you for the visit and the good holiday wishes!

    Suki, Thank you...I'm hoping this piece stays interesting to me! I'm not much of a short trips work for me!

    Pat, I like your take on this one...Solstice you say!

    Willow, I promise there will be fun in Carmel!

    Donna, Thank you...!ha

    Babs, I'm thinking of softening the colors of the birds...big trouble...I'm thinking!

    Suz, Thank you...I'm going just for the fun and the food!

  12. Great work here Mary Ann!!! have a wonderful time away with Pablo...take lots of pics.
    Jo xxo

  13. oh I love Carmel and I think it is best when it is raining! enjoy the trip and have safe travel!

  14. I was just wondering what you were going to do with the stitched moon. I like the darkness around the lighter elements. It will be interesting to see how you complete it. I always feel lucky to be able to watch the progress of artworks.
    Have a happy time in Carmel!

  15. i admire your use of meditation and then ponderings, and reuse older parts into your new journey, another great balancing.
    best to you, enjoy,

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