Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Sunshine in Carmel

Winter in Carmel is cool and between storms...very sunny. If you click to enlarge you can see the green area to the right which is Pebble Beach Golf Course. This portion of the beach is right at the end of the village and is usually crowded with locals walking their dogs but at this moment the beach was all ours to enjoy.
We had a great time beginning with our room decor...French Provence...white paneled walls, red berber carpet with red toille drapes and bed accessories. Pablo said my face lit up when we entered...most rooms are so bland and this one was a nice change of pace. A continental breakfast was delivered to our door and they had the best fluffiest thick towels....all my favorite things! We enjoyed our usual shopping at quaint shops, beach walking and dining at some truly great restaurants. This time we added a tour of poet Robinson Jeffers "Tor" house for even more pleasure. Tor house was lovingly built by Jeffers of stone and a stone tower as well overlooking green foaming waves. Their lives in the 20's, 30's and beyond tell of a rich creative life in a village and area filled with artists and bohemians of the time.
Today I'm meeting with friend Deena and we are carving out our winter of support in our creative lives...we have titled this winter as "A Winter of finding our Soul Rhythms". We have each written a poem and found music that we will share and let be our first efforts in this place of study.


  1. Oh, wow, what a beach! Sounds like you're having a lovely time in surroundings so different than mine.

  2. bring back lots of pebbles, can one have too many really? Sounds very relaxing and romantic!

  3. oh, your stay was SUNNY afterall...just perfect for you and your husband. great beach, and a visit to r.jeffers' place a wow, i'm sure.
    nice connection with deena, and celebrating your creative souls.

  4. What a delightful place your are staying at...must get your creative energies lit up
    Enjoy your surroundings
    enjoy your love
    enjoy your journey

  5. Two winter ago I sent late December in Santa Cruz and on Big Sur with my 2 sons...this picture brings back those wonderful memories. "A Winter of finding our Soul Rhythms" --very nice and inspirational. Enjoy your journey, Mary Ann.

  6. French Provincial is gorgeous!!! I love it too.
    Beautiful beach, lots of slow walking along it's shores no doubt :)
    Enjoy your day with Deena...nothing like sharing art with friends. xx

  7. nothing so dull as so many of the hotel/motel whatever rooms. glad yours was a happy one. This sounds like a super fun vacation. And two things I greatly envy. Visiting Tor house. I adore visiting homes of artists/writers. I think he wrote a poem about this house? And...the wonderful dual project you have devised with your wonderful friend Deena. I just love what you two are doing and how you support each other in your artistic souls.

  8. When I was very young, I went with a boyfriend taht had grown up in Carmel and knew Jeffer's widow. She was lovely and friendly. I don't think that she had much money because she had a Morning Glory growing through the roof of her house into the living room. I was very concerned because of the storms that Carmel has but she was charmed by the flower. Funny the things that stick in your mind.

  9. Oh, how I envy the wonderful time you are having, but thanks to your sharing it's almost like being there. Thank you!

  10. I have been looking at beautiful but icy cold pictures at other blogs and this is nice to see warm beach images- and the special addition of art and friends-- wonderful.
    peaceful new year to you.

  11. You pieced an arrow through my heart upon my reading the words Thor House and the man who build it stone by stone, Robinson Jeffers. He was my poet idol and I have a few of his book from when they were first published. To bad that in the 50's under McCarthism he was black listed.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Warmest regards to you and your family this holiday season,

  12. Super beautiful photo!
    You've such a wonderful friendship with Deena,,,what could be more perfect. Two artists, sharing souls.

  13. Willow, Snow or sunshine at the holidays...I'm a lifelong Californian...I expect sunshine. Although your snow looks wonderful...enjoy!

    LaDolceVita, I was amazed at the holiday lights and busy shoppers...we just plain had fun.

    Neva, Sunshine both Thursday and Friday...a real spirit lifter!

    Suz, Carmel is always a delight...even traffic...errr no not traffic but everything else!

    Robyn, I loved your Aaaahhhh...very relaxing to be away from home for awhile!

    Maggie, Big Sur is MAGICAL...!
    Winter darkness is so good for creative travel!

    Jo, Nothing sweeter than sharing the creative journey with art friends!

  14. I love Carmel and Robinson Jeffers... I visited his house once too... I would love to take that tour again... Your vacation looks wonderful... roxanne

  15. Suki, I met Deena at a "Vein of Gold" workshop over 10 years's been a good friendship.

    Pat, Carmel is a mixed bag...artists, writers and musicians with a big population of wealthy retired folks.

    Eva, Pablo took the all looks so serene but it is usually crowded!

    Donna, Amazing the differences in weather right now...cold and snow for sure. Today I have gray and rainy...!

    Egmont, I found the tour so special, really getting a feel for the poets life and times.

    Babs, Two artists, sharing souls...I couldn't have said it better!

    Roxanne, Great vacation and the tour was so special...even more appreciation of this poet.

  16. Just what the doctor ordered to recharge and rethink life and all it offers.

    My first visit here..

    Dorothy from grammology

  17. Carmel has always been one of my favorite memories..would love to return one of these days..I could use a dose of beach right now!

  18. Where in Carmel are you staying? We usually stay in Asilomar/Pacific Grove, but maybe we will move down the coast a bit next time. Thanks!

  19. Dorothy, Thanks for the visit! Happy Holidays!
    Mary Ann

    Lyn, You're not alone on needing a little sunny beach in your life! Enjoy your white Christmas!

  20. Hope you're enjoying a wonderful holiday. I'm looking longingly at your lovely photo of Carmel beach.

  21. First time to your blog via Neva's.I visited Carmel in January 1991 and I remember we visited a lovely homewares shop and I purchased a sugar bowl and creamer which we still use. The beaches were equally as beautiful as ours in Australia. A tower - one's mind could dream up some wonderful tales.

  22. Anon, Asilomar is wonderful and I have stayed there often. This time we stayed at the Wayside Inn (we were offered a 50% off because it is off season) which was just off ocean ave... near everything!

    Lia, We had very similar holidays...the three of us (son, husband and myself) enjoyed "Up In the Air" ...very quiet time indeed.

    Sylvia, I'm glad you found me through Neva...a great site to visit. I hope to see more of you!

  23. What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year...warm with love, friendship and dreams