Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shelter Me

This is the third in a series of Inner/Journey self portraits. I began in early November and finishing this one today. 24"x36" canvas, acrylic and collage. The first was "Altar for Miriam", "Crown of the Wind" and this one "Shelter Me". The size was not my favorite but I seemed to have gotten over that discomfort. I wrote the word Shelter in silver and there are Hebrew words from my old calendar. I added a photo of an ancient stone bench, a tree, a road and an ancient circular Hebrew calendar. The two birds were from another much older work and the moon is paper with gold and silver sewing. I wouldn't have the colors any other way, nor the shapes...this one gave me less lingering feels like my sheltered self and I'm pleased with the green stone shapes as they are a trigger for the cold green stone of my favorite meditation exercise.

I've cleaned up the studio and placed a large (for me) 48"x48 " paper attached to a larger piece of masonite onto my easel. I don't know too much on this next series but I do know I will begin with charcoal and then white and black gesso....I do know I will use soft pastel but how much or what colors or shapes as yet to be decided...this will be a challenge for me as I haven't used pastel for years and never this large. The thought of the new work gives my heart a rattle but then where would the challenge be if not for one or two tricky monkey desires?ha

On New Year's Eve I'll layout a Tarot reading for myself and that will be the topper to all my writing and soul searching for the new year...I'll be sure to share in the next post! Cheers everyone....Happy New Year!!! 2010!!!


  1. Happy New Year, and to your heart, Joy and LOve, I am grateful you are blogging. Don't forget the tamborine... Why do i remember this... i love the sound.

    Peace to your heart.
    See you in the New Year.


  2. a gorgeous finish to your series. and already set up for the next one! You are working hard. May the new year bring you much creativity and inspiration and insight. Cheers, Suki

  3. i saw that moon of yours, and was quick to come take a look and a read. happy to see the two birds in their place, SHELTER: great work, combination of symbols and color all so meaningful.
    and now,
    on to the tarot under the BIG BLUE NEW YEAR'S MOON...for
    continued blessed bliss in your life!

  4. I have so much to learn from you
    thank you
    journey onward

  5. Love the birds, of course,,and the fact that the tree offers them shelter. I really like everything about this one,,very well done. The stiched moon a special treat!
    All geared up for your next piece,,,we are too,,,can't wait to see!
    I love remembering the tambourine too.

  6. I would love a Tarot reading. Maybe I should buy a deck and do what you are doing. Any advice about which one is best? Your soul searching is great. I need more of this in my life also. I go to bed with a plan but then it seems that when I wake up something gets in the way. Maybe me?

  7. This is a work that speaks to me, and differently each time I look at it..that's what I really like about it!
    May the Tarot show only blessings!! And a womderful New Year...

  8. I just ran into your blog and also visited your Flickr page. Absolutely love your work. It would be so difficult to choose one the colors, process and organic feel. Happy New your to you.....Sondra

  9. I am grateful you are blogging. Don't forget the tamborine..

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  10. love the green and the moon is wonderful. very chewy texturally, Shelter is awesome!

  11. I adore this piece, Mary Ann, on so many levels. Well done, my friend.

    Warm, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010, to you and yours~!

  12. mansuetude,Joy and peace to all our hearts this coming New Year.
    never forget the tamborine! ha

    Thank you...I'm hoping for time and energy to work...what happens with that I'll let be a surprise.

    neva, I like everything you said...
    SHELTER is working for me!

    suz, I like that...journey onward! A whole new year to journey too!

    Babs, Glad to keep the birds too! Big year ahead...lots of tamborine playing and paint flinging! ha

  13. Teri, My advice is to have a reading by a reader...a few good ones in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area. Happy New Year!

    Lyn, Thank you for your comments....all blessings for the New Year!

    Sondra, Thank you for this visit and flickr as well. See you again in 2010!

    Sanjeet, Thank you! 2010!!!!

  14. Yes, well, that birthdate certainly was a sign. I've enjoyed my visit here. It's as if I've walked into your studio and there's that little frisson of recognition, of magic. Enjoy your artistic New Year's Eve.

  15. A strong finish Very enjoyable series.

  16. Happy New Year, Mary Ann! A blue moon card reading...such a good idea! Completion at the end of the year--a good sign-- and this painting is auspicious and bold. Blessings to you and yours in 2010!

  17. I've really enjoyed this series and especially reading your thoughts about the process. Shelter Me seems to hold many messages. I love the grid and the different elements within.

  18. A Happy New Year to you too. I love your art piece and all it's meaning.

  19. I just discoverd your lovely blog and your art work is beautiful - full of expression and wonderful texture and depth. I look forward to visiting again!

  20. LaDolceVita, I have always had trouble with green but this time it seems okay...thank you.

    Willow,Thank you...this one speaks to me too. Happy Best Year Ahead!

    Crayons, So glad you stopped in! Yes, we should all have a good year!

    Zappha, Thank you...more art making ahead for all of us!

    Maggie, I appreciate your good wishes...this whole business of life and art is magical!

    Robyn, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Wishing you a great year of art making!

    Ro Bruhn, Thank you for your good wishes and comment! Happy year ahead.

    B&W, Pure pleasure...Happy New Year to you!

    Lori Saul, Thank you for this visit and yes, do return...nice to meet you!

  21. Beautiful, beautiful art and blog!!

  22. Happy New Year Beautiful Friend
    Shelter Me moves me in may ways. The word shelter in the painting is so haunting. I felt the ancient and universal need conveyed in the shapes and textures.
    Going West is the other painting I want to respond to. Colors, shapes, meanings hit me like a strong bolt of energy. It says to me :awake, be alive. Thank you so much.

  23. How exciting. I feel like I can touch this piece that you have highlighted here. Your addition of personal symbolism makes it even warmer.

    I hope you pulled an auspicious tarot reading for the new year.

  24. I love the idea of sheltering self...not hiding, not running away, but sheltering self.