Sunday, December 27, 2009

Artist's New Tools

Holiday gifts and special chair...brand spanking new and clean. I will scotchguard it but I fully intend on using it so I welcome paint, glue stains. The arms are removable and it is so comfortable next to the old cast off bar stool I've been using for 10 years!

The Fletcher "framemaster" is a must have. No more fighting to secure art into the frame. This little baby snaps Framers points and secures the art for a lifetime!

The colorful red and black beauty SKIL octo sander with a dust filter will do all the "bad boy" sanding I could ever dream about...hopefully not too powerful as to make holes in precious canvas! ha

Now that I have several dream tools I can begin my New Years list. A list of things of 2009 to let go of.....a "word" to send me into 2010 and a list of what I want to bring into my world 2010.
Anyone want to share 2010 dreams, wishes and plans?


  1. Great gifts to help make your art happen and a good idea about plans and wishes for 2010...will have to think on it. I'm in zombie mode today. Wishing you the best for 2010!

  2. Fabulous chair for you Mary Ann! Comfort is such a must. I love sanding - especially the pieces on wood. It creates such mystery! I look forward to your thoughts on the transition to 2010. I'm formulating mine - I think my thoughts circle one word...

  3. Oh, that chair will see so much creation, and I'm sure it will serve you well!
    Plans and wishes for 2010?
    Hmmm,,,,I don't particularly set goals, or make resolutions,,but of course there are many many things I want to do.I think mainly I just want to be aware of each and every day, and the joys and little miracles that evolve from them.
    Happy New Year, Blue Sky Dreaming!

  4. Great color for a chair..looks so comfy too!
    The older I get, the easier it is to forget all the nonsense..I want to bring laughter and cheer into the new year..will you join me?

  5. Lovely gifts to inspire you to begin creating soon, Mary Ann! I will have to think about my plans for the new year and get back to you. Wishing you all the best for 2010!

  6. lovely gifts for arting it up!
    my plans, goals are to do more teaching, including online classes. I stopped teaching a few years back to focus more on my own work, now I think it might be time to get back to it...
    and you???

  7. Fantastic new treats for you, MaryAnn! It really just donned on me that a decade is passing and we are entering the teens - double digits - as in, gaining some in maturity with this new century. I'm really ponering on criticism right now, mainly criticism I dish out - with loving intentions, right? Not necessarily received as such so...I may try a 30 day fast from criticism.

  8. Maggie, I can so appreciate zombie mode...!

    Leslie, I'm pretty excited about the sanding "thing"!
    "Fun and easy" formulating wishes and plans is my motto!

    Babs, I like your thinking!

    Lyn, Laughter and cheer...I'm available!

    Robyn, Sometimes I just "sit" in my chair...let the world go by!

    LaDolceVita, New plans are like a little itch!

    Karen, I like to think of some criticism as just personal preference! ha

  9. definitely envy that chair. excellent. I havent gotten my thoughts together yet about next year. Be interesting to read yours though.

  10. oooh i found you through suki's blog and have read some of your recent posts, love what you do, so am adding you to my list on my sidebar, would love to be friends with you as this year wanes and the new year waxes. and happy hannukah to you, i don't practise anymore, but used to love that holiday.

  11. It sounds like the Holiday Fairy had you in mind for the gifts. I like that chair. So many times I have wanted a chair like that. Send the Holiday Fairy to me or give me the email address. Ha!

  12. well may I say, isn't it wonderful to be able to sit on one of your favorite colors!! - fab! our work chairs - such good friends they become - and power tools - 2010 is going to be a wonderful adventure :)

  13. greetings mary ann - am finally up and about a bit the past day or so - finished my two large paintings i was doing and now about to start a couple more - it was wonderful having a paint brush in my hand again after such a while as i'm sure you understand - and so funny about your new chair because all this week i've been walking around saying how much i need to get a new one, too - and yours looks particularly yummy! the green suits you, too - so i'm sure you will have many happy hours creating from your green tuff! and good for you on your new tools of the trade! what fun you'll have with them!

    thanks so much for coming by my places - yours is always so so inspirational and beautiful to visit!

    peace and love - jenean

    oh, almost forgot, i posted a couple of shots of my paintings over at gypsywomanworld on 12/28 - post titled the canvases of my recent days - check them out if you like!

    later -

  14. Beautiful chair! Happy New Year to you, Mary Ann!

  15. Suki, I'm gathering my thoughts about the new year as well.

    soulbrush, Nice to meet you and I have seen you over at Suki's site too!

    Pat, Good luck with the holiday fairy and chair shopping!

    Jeane, A new chair and new adventures...I'm ready!

    Jenean, I'll be right over!

    B&W, Happy New Year...2010!!!

  16. wishing you a wonderful new year with your new tools and bright new charir... roxanne

  17. Roxanne, Thank you and the same good wishes for your New Year! Looking forward to the sharing part too!

  18. I look forward to your thoughts on the transition to 2010. I'm formulating mine - I think my thoughts circle one word.

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  19. Inspiring presents! And for me, the new year beginning gives me hope and enthusiasm, because change is possible with the whole year ahead of me, instead of feeling down that a year has passed without much feeling of progress...

    I have a new therapist, I am starting a diet and exercise plan and am taking time to read each night before bed...