Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Rain" for Willow

It doesn't rain in the summer here at the beach and sometimes I miss the sounds, especially at night. Willow and others in blogland were discussing a big storm coming through their towns and when I received this I thought how perfect....Rain...errr the sounds of rain....close enough! I would suggest turning the sound way up and closing your eyes! ENJOY!


  1. Oh, Mary Ann, this is fabulous! I am amazed at how much it sounds just like a good rain, complete with thunder, no less! I closed my eyes and just listened. Heavenly.

  2. that was amazing!!! thanks Mary Ann :)))))

  3. Thanks for sharing that. I loved it.

  4. A friend of mine, sent this from Australia. It has gone all over the world. Isn't it wonderful. The creativity of thought and the sounds the human body can make.

  5. what a riot. we had all this for real last night. amazing what hands tapping can do

  6. Wow! I had my eyes closed and then the thunder scared me. Ha! I'm a bit of a ninny with storms - thsi is great.

  7. Willow, I'm so glad you enjoyed! I thought my brain would go numb trying to get this posted.

    Jeane, Your welcome...always nice to take a theatrical, musical break from art making!

    Katelen, So glad you enjoyed a little rain coming your way!

    Pat, I think that it is great that it is traveling the globe.

    Suki, Fun! Reminds me of all those radio sound effects from long ago.

  8. Zappha, The sounds of natural life are always so beautiful...I loved the thunder!

    Karen,I'm so glad you closed your the full sound effect!
    Pablo woke me up this morning saying "Mary Ann listen, it's raining outside" It took me a moment to figure he had the computer on loud!

  9. After your subsequent post--I move through your blog in descending chronological order--I commented: what can be better than music under the stars? Now I know. Rain on the roof. Heavenly. We're having our monsoon season in the high desert. Heavenly.

    I will listen to your audio when I'm at a computer with a faster connection. This one is SLOOOOOOOOW.