Monday, July 6, 2009

Rocks, Pebbles, Stones

10"x10", foam core, crackle paste, acrylic, photo transfer (not emulsion) and KIWI brown shoe polish. My father is smiling in heaven about me using his shoe polish for my art but I needed a wax finish! ha
My new/old obsession with rocks, pebbles and stones has begun again. I'm taking a break from the compass series as I have posted the set in the sidebar...if you go to my flickr account and click on sets you will view my other sets as well. I am fascinated by the archaeological discoveries at about rocks, stones and such. In my journal writing the concept of familiar yet ancient home is a running theme and Masada discoveries carry the mysteries even deeper for me. So my vision of resting (oasis) and rocks, stones and pebbles play an important role in personal peace making and art making in this summer 09. I'll share some of what I've written as it poetically speaks of my new/old vision. The pebbles photographed and transferred are what I have found on the beach and placed in my bird bath.


  1. Mary Ann, I love this piece - what a comeback! :))))

  2. One of my favourite colour combinations. There's so much depth and texture in your collage, I just want to run my fingers over the waxy surface.

  3. Oh, I really like this Mary Ann. Great earthy colors and textures. Feels grounded.

  4. another beautiful piece - so warm and organic - love it - jenean

  5. I do love this. Rocks are such a beautiful thing.

  6. Mary Ann---Love this as I am especially fond of anything that involves rocks. I am interested in the foam core part. I have never painted anything on it. Can you tell me about it? Is it the light-weight stuff I am thinking about that you can stick pins into?

  7. Ahh yes my obsession too. Your painting speaks to me of pebble picking expeditions....something I love to do but havn't in a while.

  8. Mary Ann,
    I love this piece and it is truly mixed media. Imagine shoe polish! I am attracted to the texture and the geometric organization of it which is so opposite to many rocks.

    Rocks are such a part of my life and I am never far away from them especially when I am at my summer house where I frequently prowl beaches. Newfoundland, where I live, is affectionately know as "The Rock". You get the idea.

  9. Oh, wow! This is so terrific, MaryAnn. Did you say the rocks are photographs of rocks or is this really 3 dimensional with rocks being affixed to the board?

  10. Like the previous comments - wonderful depth and texture - I'm in a 'rock' mood of course

  11. Jeane, Always like an uphill battle!ha

    Ro Bruhn, Me too on the colors. Surprising how the polish gave a smooth waxy finish!

    Leslie, Thank you...I'm happy with the colors too.

    Jenean, I like the idea of organic considering my use of non organic materials...there is the magic!

    Katelen,I love rocks too...river rocks especially.

  12. Teri, Foam core comes in many thickness but I'm using the common thickness...easy to cut into and make marks.

    Robyn, We have shared great...I'll gather the pebbles here and you do the same there! ha

    Margaret, I remember the rocks of your Newfoundland and the the crisp cool water!

    Zappha, Thank you, I like it as a beginning piece.

    Karen, The rock photographs have been transferred to a transparent surface...they look really real!

    Oh Rosie, You are in "rock mode"!!

  13. You made it work!
    And beautifully!
    I share your love/obsession of rocks, stones, pebbles,,,even boulders!
    I have a large collection,,,and little Jack and I painted some rocks for paperweights. Such beautiful fun!
    This piece you've finished is awesome, and I love the shoe polish!
    (I heard your Dad chuckle,,he loves it too)

  14. mmmmmmmmm.
    intoxication combo of imagery and color. plus the square format. i love your square formats.

  15. i find your work so inspiring. it makes me want to create. i too love rocks and collect them wherever i go. have a lovely creative summer.

  16. Glad to visit here, to see your work, read your thoughts, and the comments of others. Like the texture of this...foam core, but not covered with cloth ( I do). Will it hold up? Or do we care? And what is it about rocks which moves us so, which makes us spot special ones and pocket them, then spend years trying to figure out what to do with them?

  17. Oh, I love this piece... I can feel your passion for the old villages, the earth, delving into the core of the earth. Thank you for sharing this and your new vision and direction. And I love your story of your father...Roxanne