Friday, October 17, 2008

I Just Want to Go Home!

That title is code for I want out for a time, a place to close the doors on current find comfort of sanctuary, restful sleep, good food, safety and natural beauty. I've mumbled or sometimes screamed those words when situations have been overwhelming such as my hospital stay in April. This has been the prayer for all time, our human desire to barricade the cave opening, tie the tent flap or move the ladder from the tree house...time out....a universal need. These first few pieces have become the literal journey to the oasis using the ancient desert themes. I know as in the past the imagery will eventually evolve into more abstraction. The "Little Night Journey" is collage, potato print on foam core. It measures 8"x8". I like the darkness.
Change of subject: I am thinking of beginning the HBO series of "John Adams". I have heard good reports and I believe it has won several awards. Great change of pace, history ,drama costumes etc....I need to separate myself from the nightly news shows that repeat and repeat the days political activities. Could there be anyone that is still undecided?


  1. I love your wonderful collage. The colors and imagery are peaceful.

    The HBO series "John Adams" is very well done. You will enjoy it.

  2. Your collage is so fascinating. the materials you use and what your created. Foam core and potato print! I wish I could see some of your artwork in person. I know photos dont give a true picture. That looks like a camel at the top. What you say about home is what I am feeling just now. I'd like to close the tent flap on a tent in which I am alone. I wonder sometimes if I'll ever be alone again within my own home.

    I think it a very good idea to forgo television. Repeated viewings of either the candidates or the news abt the economy can only be like eating poison. Much better to watch a movie. I gave up TV news and in fact the rest of it 10 or so years ago because all it did was depress me. I do keep up with the news of the day via NPR however even they I recently have been turning off due to repeated ditto above.

    I love it that Pablo's name came from Neruda. I was thinking Picasso. Or now, both. You sound like a true romantic. Now you are not exactly a libra are you? On the cusp? Libra's are very romantic. Perhaps you have a lot of libra in your chart.

  3. Hi - this is my first visit via Willow's blog - your work is really interesting and I've had a good time roaming your site - I've bookmarked you and will definitely be back!

  4. Willow, thank you. I have five done and finishing a sixth. I might create 2 more small ones and then I believe I'll be ready for further focus...more abstract.

    Suki, Thank you. My friend Deena, scanned this piece on her printer and I think the colors are true.I was going for a narrative, a dark caravan into the desert...kinda romantic? In reality a caravan at night just might not be so romantic.ha
    I was told I have a strong Aquarius with my Scorpio. Both my sons are Scorpio so our household was full of intense energy. yikes!
    On the subject of alone..I'm betting on you getting a tent of your own when the time is right!

  5. Hi Jeane, Thank you for stopping by...I will be over to your site tomorrow to do some roaming as well! Doesn't Willow have a wonderful blog!
    Mary Ann

  6. yes, willow has one of the most gorgeous and interesting blogs I've seen - a visit there is always a rich experience.

  7. This is an interesting piece and I look forward to more on the subject.
    The HBO series was good but not enough to pull me in every week. I just didn't like Giamatti in the role. I liked Laura Linney. I guess I was looking for another Deadwood... I do love the historical fiction genre though - take me away!
    Undecided is right up there with those that have yet to register. I saw the Dems out at all the stores this weekend registering only Dems (?) and I thought; Who is just now finally considering to register to vote - rip van winkle?

  8. "Little Night Journey" is evocative. It suggests little openings into the magic within solitude. Beautiful colors too.

  9. Karen, More oasis pieces are in the works!
    We saw 2 episodes of John Adams. I like both Linney and Giamatti. We enjoyed renewing our US history...seeing events come to life in ways very different than the dry stuff from school books. A subtle production compared to the bold and wild Deadwood but I think we will see the series through.

  10. San, Thank you for your comments...very supportive. This is the beginning of new, new work and I'm too close to see what others are able to see...big help!

  11. That's certainly a sentiment that's going around.

    As for John Adams, it's great, particularly Laura Linney as Abigail Adams, a first lady who's far smarter and more visionary than her husband (certainly not the last of those), though, in terms of getting away from the day's political activities, it may all seem very reminiscent--the same stuff that gets played over and over in era after era....

  12. I so relate to wanting to barricade the cave opening. Well said! I also have to withdraw from World news and even more so local news or else I get the jitters. Very pleased to have stumbled upon your blog.