Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to the Caravan

Enough with the birthdays, time to return to the dream images, the caravan. This is the 2nd of the small pieces dealing with dim light of night. I wanted to express the feeling of moving on sand in darkness. The sounds, smells of the slow movement past the sleeping structures. It measures 8"x8" on foam core, collage, acrylic, joint compound and lino cut stamp. I like using what I have and breaking some rules. Below is a photo of my small collection of plates for this series minus the potato cuts. I added wine corks for handles and made the stamps.

I'll be picking up my four larger pieces on Wednesday from the photo lab...sounds silly but I've missed them!


  1. I love that you use the things you already have - did you make the plates yourself - they look like lino blocks - this is a very fun piece - love the camels marching across....

  2. Fabulous. How do you hang the foamcore? I love all of this, the camels, the night, the buildings and esp that piece of cloth. The composition is great too. Thanks for showing your handmade tools. I must try doing a picture of foam core. Right now I am stretching and gessoing some canvases after a very fallow period.

  3. Jeane, Yes, I made stamps out of old pieces of lino. I also use potatoes for printing but I didn't save any for the photo!ugh

    Suki, Thank you, I float the piece in a larger frame...usually attach to a white linen type backing. Below the row of camels is a piece of corrugated cardboard and above them is photo collage and texture from joint cloth? It is always exciting preparing canvas for new work!!

    Willow, One word from you and I'm happy...thank you

  4. I see it as cardboard now you say it. At first it looked like an old piece of cloth with tassles. Thanks for explaining your hanging method which sounds quite lovely. I am often not knowing how to hang my things and always curious what solutions others come up with

  5. Nice camels! So you are on a journey to the oasis / a time that right? These are great pieces - and I'm amazed at your ability to pick a theme and work within that.

  6. Karen, I'm on my way to the oasis for sure. The themes in my work give me such delight...I research mythology, spiritual connections, all my interests get tied into the work, I toss in whatever I love, astronomy etc...remember when I traveled to Venus and Mars metaphorically? Thank you for the wonderful card!

  7. The subtlety of this is most attractive. You do express "the feeling of moving on sand in darkness."

    A caravan of dream pictures moving behind closed eyes.