Sunday, August 31, 2008

Woman Wise Muse

1. In the center core of my body packed with the binding of my hips is the art of my life. The place of being rooted from beginning time. The place of my spirit...the match of the Universe the DNA that claims who I am and my artistic gifts, my purpose and my agreements. From this deep rich dark place art springs forward with blind passion towards the surface, towards the new old road....the familiar and surprising route of my spirit. Ready now to begin my integration into the mature work. What is different about this journey? It is no longer the youthful random exploration but growing up and the enjoyment of the learned art lessons.
2. How to integrate and combine the youthful artist to the mature soul? I'm outfitted for this journey not with fanciful flights and materials but rather with the gift of my river, my boat and my sturdy oars. I will row through troubled or confusing waters. Also joining me are the ranks of others gone before...other artists that have found their earned state of "nothing to prove". This is the journey of the seasoned artist, woman wise with skilled hands and eyes. No longer looking for signs but knowing them, recognizing curves and lines. The flow, the juice the vibration all still there but at the same time simplification, clear steps and knowing when and what needs to die. Letting it be dead and moving on.
The Vision
3. She stands by the river near the boat and oars. The moon is bright and the "others" echo best wishes. No longer the young fool's quest but the well earned woman wise indeed. She sets out on her soulful journey with a quiet smile of knowing resolve. The integration will be a welcomed connection and until that moment they ride side by side.


  1. "How to integrate and combine the youthful artist to the mature soul?"

    That's quite a question--like Joni Mitchell sang "there's something lost, and something gained in living every day." There's something to be said for innocence, and there's something to be said for experience. So how to hold on to some innocence without being naive, and how to have the wisdom of experience without being overly cynical? How to be knowledgeable without being caught up in one's knowledge? How to be open to possibilities while maintaining the discernment which allows you to choose which possibilities to go with?

  2. A beautiful post, Mary Ann. I love the quiet smile of knowing resolve. And the image of the boat, the oars and the river. I have read this several times and will read again for it is deep and metaphorical rather than linear. Yes I will row through troubled or confusing waters in my boat behind you who are going before. Love what yogaforcynics says too.

  3. Suki, Plenty of room on this artist's river and I welcome the company. Not easy, this aging process and then add the creative soul! whew...a lot of rowing ahead...I imagine the river, cool green with mild currents...sun and shade and a beautiful shoreline metaphorically speaking! ha
    Mary Ann

  4. Can you tell us about the red painting "It's Time"? I am intrigued by it. somehow, I identify with that wild, where am I expression.