Friday, March 17, 2017

Ancient Moons 8

14'x18", cotton fabric tea stained, treated paper, ancient spears - paint, clay and plaster, machine and hand stitching, silver leaf and assorted cloth stencils.

This piece is part of my ongoing study of the ancient journey through the desert. This oasis is about the old war over water rights. Nothing really changes? This is my first time to fashion weapons ancient or otherwise. The moons depict the attacks being done under the light of the full moon! Nothing really changes? Can one be an archeologist digging up daggers and spears all fossilized to understand ancient man or is it to better understand modern man? I used materials I rarely use and it was a true challenge. I have several more 'desert stops' but I plan on a break for a little Spring joy. Just stitching for awhile.


  1. Enjoy your stitching break, I won't get one until all the deadlines are over, but then I think I will put my feet up for a bit!!

    1. Not really taking a stitching break...matter of days and I'm back moving fabrics and adding threads. I'll be visiting your blog for the bits of sharing on new work!!

  2. I do love this piece, Mary Ann, and am alwys amazed at your willingness to and success with new materials and techniques. Your "desert journey" theme makes me think of Alice Hoffman's "The Dovekeepers". Have you read it? If not, I think you would enjoy it.

  3. Thank you Sharmon...I find new materials and techniques a way of 'seeing' from different perspectives. I did a piece on ancient dovekeepers but will look at Alice Hoffman's book...thanks again!