Sunday, July 2, 2017

Colorful Sadness

20"x22", assorted cloth, silver thread, machine stitched, applique.
I unexpectedly became a widow at age became a very dark time for me. During those dark days I created this quilt. The center bridge represents my wanting to crossover and the blue bird there to help me find my way as well as the scorpion (my sign) for protection. Above the dream image of Gabriel's horn, angels climbing the heavenly ladder and blue earth and golden trails below. sequins and stars too. Time healed both mind and heart and I folded this quilt and packed it in the closet.
I have happily remarried and life has been good for many years. Digging in the closet, I rediscovered this little quilt and I'm thinking of now, after all these years,  cutting and finding new places for these images.


  1. OMG... a beautiful "healing cloth"! Thanks for sharing this deep and moving piece.

  2. Thank you for 'seeing' the healing in this little quilt.

  3. This is gorgeous, and I like your idea about re-using the images. I have done this myself, and found the process very cathartic - keeping the past by making it into something new. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. Thank you...this holds so many feelings and history for me.