Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturated Color

9"x12", four color subtraction print. The fourth in a series of seven. Once the last color is printed the plate is empty and the series complete. Just a look back today while I'm busy at the work table putting together my box "Caravans". It's slow going and nice to remember a time when cutting and printing from a still life had more immediate results. The truth is I like the way my art making has evolved and I would have never guessed I would be so deep into fabric and beads?!!


  1. Lovely! And interesting to hear your reflections on how the art-making & its process has evolved...

  2. Thank you! Its been a journey full of surprises...exploring new methods has been especially interesting.

  3. I love seeing your past work, it is so amazing to see where we have been, and it always informs us about our new directions... thanks for sharing ...

    1. Caterina, Thank you. Looking back is fun, mine has been a rather long journey and I'm liking where I am now. Making art from the inside out is a skill very different than the skill of creating from live views. All good!