Sunday, January 24, 2016

One moment please

Actually it will be well more than a moments delay until the reveal! First, I had to get to this point...creating the actual box. I have made these boxes before (click on sidebar featuring one titled "Forgive Me") but it was awhile ago and I had to figure out the pattern once more...then there was the trouble with using used foam core and then not having the brown paper tape. I used packing tape and that presented new problems. The other boxes were made using paint and collage as the decorative element and these new ones will be created using fabric. So the next problem is do all the composition, sewing, beads before applying to the box??? It's been a true challenge and all the while I'm asking myself the questions, the story. This one in particular is about discovery, what was abandoned and now found. The inside?, the actual box, and the lid or what covers, what was once beautiful but fallen on the perils of time, what is worn, what remains?(a self portrait? a memory remembered?)  I'm further along today but it will be a few more days...the reality of laundry, bills, groceries will be slowing me down!


  1. Wow, so much goes into it.. quite an amazing process... love that!!

  2. Thanks Caterina, it would have helped if i had kept the dimensions but then where is the mystery? This one is almost done...needs legs and a crown!