Monday, January 4, 2016

Ancient Treeline

12"x15", satin, cloth, stamp, paper, stitching machine and hand, rust treated string and trim. Trees show up in my art making all the time. It doesn't matter if I'm painting, printmaking or fabric art ...trees and leaves. Over the years I know I'm drawn to viewing tree lines whenever there is a clear spot, something about what is up ahead, sky and trees meeting, maybe oasis.  I received this beautiful pale rose cloth  in a giveaway presented by Connie and its been a challenge working it into my other fabrics and stitching. I didn't want to cover it with stitches yet I wanted to bring out the mottled shades and light spots. This piece was started in 2015 and finished here in 2016 so its a crossover piece. I've been searching for a new series and still I'll begin again!
The new year has presented itself with plenty of online wisdom, loving statements, online prompts on the subject of keeping a journal to prompts for spiritual exercises. I have been tempted but I've decided to go it on my own. 2016...full of my own words, resolve, direction, meditation and whatever else encourages me to love my life... it's in the doing! 

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  1. I love this ... the subtlety of that pale rose pink (no pun intended, Connie!) and of course the trees. Like you, I can't resist them, singly, in groups and, especially at the moment, in lines and silhouetted against a winter sky.