Friday, June 1, 2012

Code Unlocked

14"x14"  Rives BFK, metal key, collage, acrylic, oil pastel and graphite. Under this blue are many layers of iron oxide and stainless steel which gives a subtle glow or glitter to this code marked piece. Still trying to get to a place of play and at the same time express this fascination I have with secrets, codes etc... I have a way to go...on the sidebar is a more all over metallic piece and when I'm ready I will start working on a more sturdy surface.

This great weather pulls me away from the work table and some of my frustrations with materials. Yesterday we took a drive inland to a small old  mission town San Juan Bautista for a great lunch in a flower/cactus garden...tons of guacamole and delicious chile rellenos! The mission is quite beautiful and the site of the filming of  the classic movie "Vertigo"! We didn't stop for a tour this time because as we drove up we spotted three full school buses pulling up for an end of the year field trip! Next time as we can drive over any afternoon.

Enjoy this first week of June!


  1. I love this combo of blue and "rust". I have been thinking of the whole process of finding what pleases me, what feels like my language, as an unlocking of a code. Sometimes I feel so close and other times I just fiddle with the key for hours!

    Send some warm weather to the north!

  2. a fascinating subject Mary Ann - and so is your way of exploring it in your art - for me this is what art is all about - exploring our worlds through our art practice - such an intriguing piece xo

  3. I love the idea of unlocking the code. It could apply to so much in life.
    The addition of the key is great, and the color choices always dead right on!

  4. Mary Ann, this subject could take you along some paths that could lead you to secret gardens or places unimagined. Very interesting theme.

  5. Ahhh....the mystery of the code, key, layers, hidden messages. Great combination of all of these plus color here! And, I love the gold piece to the right - looks like an elegant mystery...

  6. love your exploratons...
    but the ride and lunch..
    glad you grabbed the day of pleasure

  7. One never knows who holds the do, in this lovely collage! Heavenly blue...

  8. wonderful work, your new codes series... and yes the weather is a big draw away from the studio, isn't it?

  9. Love the colors, the rust (of course:) and the concept behind this piece - it's amazing!

  10. ZDS, This mysterious code, code of life, purpose etc...still searching but more relaxed about it all than in years passed!
    Sending sunshine your way!

    Jeane, Exploring, uncovering even if it is just scraping back a layer, it moves the art forward!

    Babs, Code is a loaded word which can go so many ways. I like the blue over the steel metallic too!

    Carole, So far this subject has led me to familiar colors and shapes but if I stay with it, I think I might just turn a corner!

    Joyfulwild, Love your input! I'm learning so much about the metallic combinations...elegant...not so much!

    Suz, Thank you...a day of pleasure you say?!!!

    Lyn, Words like wings!

    Caterina, Sunny days are magical, thoughts of daydreams, picnics, splashing and tall grass!

    Patti, Thanks for your good words. Love your angel icon!

  11. Such a rich surface -- codes, colors, circles all working together in a field of blue -- marvelous! And I remember "Vertigo" -- great Hitchcock movie -- be careful if you climb that tower! :-)