Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing Code

11"x14" paper, collage, copper & bronze metallic powders, wax thread, Fiba Tape. acrylic, copper sheets.

The concept of writing, reading, deciphering or finding code, ancient or new is a big pull for me. So I have decided to explore this code subject along with my ongoing metallic  lessons. I have purchased micaceous, interference and iridescent colors as well as  sheets of copper, gold and silver.Plus I have powders and fragments. On this particular piece I ran into trouble with the bronze powder separating from the acrylic and leaving a dull brown shade. I tried for a save using red acrylic and copper sheets. Its a first try and I admit I am fighting with myself over the love of the sheen and beauty of metallic and the crafty glitter I also associate with metallic. I'm willing to battle on and possibly enjoy the ride with metallic art making!


  1.'s wonderful to see what you did with your pieces you showed me earlier! I love your marked circles, the burnt edges on code, thread holding the ancient code together, love the metallic leaf (guessing) that creates the possibilites of new/old...Rich save!

  2. It may be a first try, but it looks wonderful to me, enjoy the experimenting and thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I fight with myself about it too... I so prefer dull and rusty.. to shiny, I really like this and the stitches...

  4. I love how you discover the world through your art - fascinating process and I actually like the brown, but you know me, minimalist palette woman here - sorry I didn't notice your comment during the broadcast Wed., will do better next time! xo

  5. I think the most inspirational thing for me (the non-artist) as I follow your blog, is the courage you show to step fearlessly into new techniques and processes. It makes me examine all the times I say no to things because I don't know how or I've never done that before.

  6. Great piece Mary Ann!I also like the brown and the stitching.

  7. I like this one a lot Mary Ann. Nothing like charting new territory to keep the element of surprise involved!

  8. I'd have sworn I'd commented on this!
    Anyway,,I love the distressed, antiquated appeal,,and ADORE the stiching. The idea of codes is so intriguing!

  9. this looks both new and familiar ie: you use those circles often I think. wonderful. can you mix the metallic powders with acrylic matte medium before applying. IE dont use water to create the metallic paint.

    Maybe you are already doing this? I remember when using metallic powders that something happened that could be what you call separation. I might rub a cloth or my hand over the painted paper and some of the metallic powder came off onto my hand. Is that it?

    It didnt bother me then, but now again I think about breathing in that powder.

    Still, I do love the metallics.

    also, although I love the shine for myself, you can diminish the shine after applying the paint to the paper in several ways. Lightly sanding. A thin coat of acrylic matte medium. Both will dull the shine.

    Also there are antique copper, gold, etc shades which have a deep color and feel less shiny (to me).

  10. Joyfulwild, I'm glad I surprised you with finishing this piece...not sure but I will consider it a save for now!

    Mostly Turquoise, Taking on a new method leaves the artist with plenty of 'first efforts'! Thank you.

    Caterina, The metallics hold a mystery for me lately and I'm trying to suspend judgement until I try a few more...I agree on the shiny part!

    Jeane, Great broadcast and will try to connect earlier! Such fun to try something new and make it your that!

    Karen, Your words went right to my heart...thank you!

    Robyn, Thank you...when in deep trouble...pull out the needle and answer to this first effort!

    Leslie, New materials are a challenge and I love your words....'charting new territory' and 'element of surprise'!

    Babs, I cut these circle stamps quite awhile ago and have used them in several pieces so they are not new but new now in the way I'm using them? Thanks for your good words!

    Suki, Yes, I have used these ink stamps several times. I think I did use water with the bronze powder. I'm doing some sample efforts today to see what works and what doesn't!

  11. This is the iron red that I am drawn to so often. I love the circles too, and especially the black stitches. I could gaze at this forever, in fact I have had it open on my computer today...