Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Migration discs 2

Air  drying clay, silver leaf, fabric, yarn, glass and charm with acrylic glaze. Approx. 3" diameter and 21/2" diameter.

Completed these two migration discs and working on a few more. Love the idea of the mystery of discovery as in an archaeological find. A homing device of sorts, simple markings, clarifying in code the dream like pull of migration.

We are having warm Autumn days and cool nights and even some of our leaves are turning yellow.It's getting dark earlier and the pumpkins are out on porches.


  1. Archaeological digs would be an interesting profession. I like these migration discs.

  2. Very much mysterious artifacts. Archeologists centuries from now will be puzzling over them.

  3. These are really beautiful ... seemingly feminine shamanic. I went to your other site to look at your incredible work!!!

  4. One of my childhood dreams was to be an archaeologist so finding a migration disc or two would be very exciting.

  5. Oh, wonderful!
    Seeing your creations all dressed up is awesome, and those are great colors you've chosen!
    It does make you wonder what people hundreds of years in the future might think upon finding artworks like this.

  6. like Robyn, I wanted to be an archeologist, these are cool... love the elephant...

  7. love these. now i want some of that clay. tried it but once.

    i applied to grad school at U of Colorado I believe for library science and got accepted but ended up not going. I applied because they had a big archeology department and i thought if i didnt like library science i could take some archeology and move on over to that as a major.

  8. Dianne, Thank you...I like the silver leaf.

    Carole, I agree archaeological work would be interesting!

    louciao, What a kick...puzzling the great minds of archeology with my mysterious artifacts?!!

    Raven, Thank you... I like the feeling of shamanic pieces. Thank you for visiting my website!

    Robyn, Oh, if you would like, I'll bury a few and send you a map?!

    Babs, Thank you...I have made and painted six more...its been a special experience thinking of them as REAL migration discs.

    LDV, Archeology is so fascinating...I so enjoy new discoveries and museum trips!

    Suki, Youth has so many choices...fascinations and desires. I believe art making has a way of including all forms of study.

  9. Your migration discs are fascinating, they look so fun to make and yes, mysterious as well! Love your colors too.