Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The question arises of the sought after peace and protection of the Citadel. Rooms enclosed by ornately carved window coverings...dark except for the filtered light and shadows cast by the sun and by natural light.
"Interiors" for me, reflects both the physical light and the value of a quiet mind. The purposeful awkward lines and shapes denotes the years of standing as a sacred oasis. I have so loved the research of the Alhambra and how today we are still influenced by it's art and design. 20"x20" Rives BFK, acrylic, collage, crayon, molding paste, fabric and stencil.


  1. such a wonderful old world feel with such gentle lines and calming colour choices. Makes me breath a sigh of relaxation just looking a it!

  2. the colors are soothing to the eye. your words to the mind.

  3. delicious textures and quiet rumination.... sigh

  4. This offers a door to go through, to enter a place that you know so well. Thank you for taking me there!

  5. Interiors... can be such a mystery. The ones we inhabit and the ones we keep to ourselves. Yours' seem so shining and bright, perhaps your inside is the same as your outside... a very good thing.

  6. The cool grey tones and rich warm gold lend a very serene feeling to this piece. I like how the patterns suggest latticework and textures and allow one's imagination to fill in the details. The Spanish sun filters in through the openings.

  7. Very,very nice! I like how the eye travels to one side and then down, trying very hard not to miss a nuance. I was thinking "Oh, this is my favorite part", then my eye moved and then I had to re-evaluate. finally I decided that it is a power house!

  8. zendotstudio, Oh good, I was going for the calm.

    Carole, Thank you

    Suki, Thank you, the colors are calming to me.

    LDV, I like it when the mood of the piece matches my mood of the moment.

    Lyn, Thank you, your words are lovely...nice ride!

    Annell, I so like the idea of filtered sunlight.

    louciao, Yes, Spanish sunlight into darkness was a strong pull for me.

    Pat, Thank you, your observations are so appreciated!

  9. This is a lovely piece; something that reflects the tranquility of the Alhambra and at the same time, the soft lushness of summer in a desert setting.

  10. I can feel the interior peace in this, soothing, yet decorative as its
    inspiration. Thanks for the images of the Alhambra. Beautiful architecture.