Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Home!

The car is in the driveway and we are all unpacked! We had a lovely day sunny and one day overcast. Too cool for swimming but we drove down towards Big Sur and stopped at a roadside place for lunch and spectacular view. Our room included a picnic breakfast, coffee, fruit, yogurt, cereal and bagel delivered at the door in a basket with newspaper. We ate light throughout the weekend and in places with great music, flowers and service! I had plenty of time to read and write and truly smell the flowers. As we were leaving Carmel we stopped in at a Farmer's Market and bought a nice selection of fruits and vegetables and the sweet orchid to the right. It was $7 and has several buds so we should have great pleasure for several weeks or more.
The day before we left, my friend Deena came over and we had a "studio day"! We transferred photo images onto cloth, used Clorox pens, machine sewing and adding things to our art pieces....generally had fun and made a huge mess!! It opened ideas up for both of us...I can see some of these methods used in my new series and she too has new ideas.
I received a phone call minutes after walking in the door from Carmel.son is in the hospital in Southern California and they are not sure but he had dangerously low potassium?!We are waiting for more test the middle of peace there can also be chaos. He has always been strong and healthy so we will wait.


  1. What a fun studio day! License to play; I love it. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. Yikes! on your son and the low potassium. Sometimes that can occur with dehydration if someone has been vomiting or the other end (you know). I've had one grown child in the ER for that same thing. You are right to think positively and on the fact he has always been strong - perhaps just a blip on the screen, soon to pass. I'll keep him in my prayers.
    Hugs - Karen

  2. I have such fond memories of living in California. Especially those magnificent views on the coast. And those picnic breakfast foods.

    I've heard of the potassium levels diving in a person taking blood pressure meds, but it doesn't sound like that would be the case with your son. Here's hoping it's some teeny-tiny thing that's out of whack...

  3. Your trips sounds wonderful! Good description, I was there with ya! LOL

    Clorox pens, neato, never thought of that one!

    Omgsh, best wishes for your son.

  4. Karen,Play dates are always great...remember when we had a chocolate day in the kitchen...what fun and what a cake!! Son is doing better, he is home and resting...thanks for your prayers.

    San, California beautiful! The contrast between the sky and land in New Mexico is another beauty...this planet is chock full of beauty! My son is much better, the perscription was out of whack for him and it's out of his system. thank you

    jacie, The Clorox pen is so much fun on cloth... writing, drawing and splattering! Thank you, my son is much better! whew!

  5. How could I forget the chocolate play day in your kitchen? So much fun - and delicious. Ha! Good memories.

  6. The trip with breakfast basket sounds divine. The studio day, such a good and fun idea. Sorry about your son, but have read the further comments that they have found out the problem and have set to correcting it. PS lovely orchid. Mine all died in my cold, damp house.