Monday, September 8, 2008

An Award to Remember

*post the above logo to your blog
*link to the blogger you received it from
*award at least 7 blogs
*link to those blogs
*leave those bloggers a comment about receiving the BrillianteWeblog Premio 2008

Bridgette Guerzon Mills of Contemplating the Moon awarded me this award and I am so pleased. She is a very expressive artist and I enjoy visiting her blog.

I have been visiting these blogs and find each one fascinating. A few I've yet to leave a comment so it is also my way of introducing myself: Artsortments Catherine Carter's Art Blog
My Marrakesh Spirit Cloth Studio View sfgirlbybay Marja-Leena Rathje February 07,2008


  1. Thank you for this award! What a great way to meet other interesting bloggers, especially artists. I've had a short look here, and like your work!

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thank you so much for the award and the appreciation. I am flattered to know that there are people out there that appreciate my work and am humbled by the whole experience.

    I love your flicker photos and mixed media work. I am particularly partial to circles in design.

    Thanks again,

  3. A brilliant award for a brilliant blogger. Congratulations!

    And thank you for pointing the way to other excellent blogs.

  4. Congrats on your award! And thanks for the links to these other bloggers. Always fun to find new sites. May I quote a part of your comment on unfinished work in my sidebar column on the same? Here's your quote: "I have a sitting time with my work...I get it to a certain place of acceptance and then I sit with it."

  5. Suki,
    Yes, by all means,quote my comment on your blog! It is a rare thing to be quoted...I am so pleased. I have always had trouble making my self clear and understood so a quote is "over the moon" for me! Does the striped squash taste like zuchini? Mary Ann
    PS Did you click on spiritcloth? she is so talented, I love seeing her work and happy to share my find.

  6. marja-leena, my pleasure, your work is wonderful!

    karen cole, thank you so much for stopping by...circles are grand...I'm starting to love squares within squares.

    sandra, Thank you for the visit and the compliment!

    san, Always my pleasure when you visit!!

  7. You're so lovely. Thank you and shoukran:)