Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in the Studio

I'm starting a new series so I'm doing some play, exploring and some not knowing. I'm actually feeling curious, fresh outlook and just plain ready to see what will develop. I sometimes set up challenges such as: include block printing, some fabric collage and maybe limit to three colors. Once I get going I can expand or narrow the list but it's fun to have beginning direction. My most recent piece included potato print, magazine and cloth collage and I stayed away from the joint squares within squares! I have been using high quality gessoed foam core which is nice because I can cut in the surface and it is a strong support for collage. I created a new muse to infuse the spirit of exploration and I will share her image with you next. All this to keep the magic going!!
Good news, my oldest son is much better...his potassium levels have improved and he is home and on the mend. It was a prescription of steroid that the doctors feel caused the out of whackness!
Youngest son is visiting this weekend and we are going to see "Burn After Reading" by the Coen Brothers...hope it's great.


  1. Glad all is well with you and yours. Would love to see some of the messing about that you did with D...
    can't wait to see any new work.


  2. You say so much in this short post. How exciting to be starting a new series with so much enthusiasm and new ideas. Potato prints. Havent done that in a long while. And joint compound. Have you mentioned this before.??? What do you do with that?? Interesting idea to use foam core as base of collage.and a new muse....marvelous. So glad your older son is on the mend and that younger son will enjoy your company this weekend. Let us know if the movie is good. Be well, Suki

  3. Patrice, you always lift my work...some days good...some days not so good. I'll be sharing soon!

    Suki, I use joint compound for texture instead of the expensive gels and mediums...sometimes I think I get a little carried away with texture. I trowel it on with a knife and it dries fast for painting.
    My youngest son drove 2 hours to visit, had lunch and received a phone call that he was needed back at the station...his manager was in an accident, so he drove 2 hours movie! He is a disc jockey at a small station in central California. Mary Ann

  4. Mary ann, I love it that you found a cheap alternative to expensive art supplies. I am often using things for other than their intended purpose just because they are cheaper or lying around able to be used. What a great job your son has, but too bad about his manager. Hope he is all right. Take care, Suki