Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm not sure but it might have been the Discovery Channel...I remember seeing drawings of ancient lighthouses and descriptions of towers and bonfires to light the way on dark rocky coastlines. I became so fascinated with the vision of these fires and the glowing light. "Lighthouse" is canvas and measures 12"x12". There are many layers of cheesecloth, with a fabric machine stitched circle collage under the grate( the grate being a bottom of a strawberry basket in another life)The silver leaf shines which helps the oranges and reds glow like fire light.
Hot,hot, hot here at the beach...no clouds...no fog...spectacular. Today was my maiden voyage to drive, shop all by myself since my hospital stay. I made my stops, bank, art supply, drug store and then called Pablo (he was on call in case I fell on my face) and invited him for coffee. We drank down delicious iced Chai and shared a BIG cookie and I felt pretty proud of myself. I didn't walk for those ten days in the hospital and lost enormous strength. In July I go to rehab (Pulmonary) and really get some muscles.


  1. wooo hoooo mary ann!
    so much for starting out slowly...
    i would have done one errand, then gone to the cookie!

    love you!


  2. This piece is fantastic! I am really loving it. Also, very happy to hear of your outing. This is just miraculous - really. I think Santa Cruz is a very healing place.

  3. Love this piece! Beautiful, strong. And glad to hear you are doing so well.


  4. Now I'm seeing this luminous painting as a beacon leading you back to bodily strength. Clearly, the soul is already shining bright.

  5. Amazed at how you have incorporated several different mediums. Not an easy thing to do! Love the grid!

    So do you have a huge fabric stash, like the rest of us?

  6. Love this piece and all your work. I think we are on a similar artistic path. Thanks for your post to my blog as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your full health. - Karon