Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rose & Olive

11"x11", "Rose & Olive", I usually start with a project and this time was to play with dye packets by Jacquard. I work small and didn't want to fill a washing machine with fabric to dye so this was to try a small application...! The dream or inspiration was of ancient olive orchards and how that might look and feel. This background fabric was a gift from fellow Facebook friend Connie Rose and I think it sets a mood of a burning desert sunrise or a flaming sunset. Added a few beads for the sparkle of the light. Now I dream of just such a harvest under the light of a rose glowing sky.

Another example of dream tree images is in the side bar...Ancient Treeline. I used my handcut stamp of a palm tree top and added more fabric for the trunk.This fabric was once again a generous gift from Connie Rose.


  1. Lovely colours, Mary Ann. I too have had gifts from Connie Rose. She is most kind and generous with her talents.

    1. Thank you for stopping by...always so good to read your comments. I agree Connie Rose is most generous.