Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Framing Up

Not such a great photo...but you get the idea. These are from my solar efforts and I thought I would celebrate by framing and 'living' with these new additions. I won't be creating from solar prints until next year when the sun is a little more reliable. I have my favorites but even my non favorites are welcome for awhile. I have just about every wall featuring art so it is a take down put up process. I'm not a big fan of framing but there is something so special about taking a work and dignifying it with a finishing edge.


  1. I agree that looking at our own work is important. And to put it in a frame or otherwise finish it - also an important part of the whole process.

    I've scrolled through some of your recent pieces, and noted two that I like quite a bit and left comments.

    So nice to visit here.

  2. Framing can almost work miracles! I find the mounting and enclosing of work with a frame (I usually opt for black) focuses the eye and somehow the brain so that everything around is ignored and with luck the work seems suddenly to improve enormously. I'm all for that!