Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bitter to Sweet

11"x16", silver leaf, assorted beads, embroidery and machine stitching, tea stained fabric.
I began this piece in late October and is one of many planned following the ancient routes leaving Egypt to journey into the desert. It is allowing me to take in the inner and personal meaning of this journey of trust. Archaeologists have found water at an oasis known to be bitter which aligns with the ancient descriptions and the writings that describe the bitter water divinely turning to sweet...much like life sometimes.
I've left the ties loosely knotted and cut as if from a larger manuscript. I've also been inspired by the tattered remains of early work being highly decorated with metals and beads...I can only wonder.


  1. I love this, really beautiful. Yout work is do unique and evocative. Hope you're well. Hugs to you.

    1. I am well and so appreciate your good words here. This piece was an adventure for me...could have gone lots of different ways but in the end I'm okay with it!