Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 a Good Year




      2015 Weekly Planner by M. Lehrer-Plansky
      Make Your Own Book

  I've been rather prolific this past year and decided to create this planner as a way to catalog some of my favorites. No longer willing to hang in shows, so I keep the framing costs to a minimum and have a small changing show here on the studio walls and stack unframed work on shelves. I've sold three of the original pieces so that feels good and I'm already working on my second piece of this new "Scribe" series. I'm truly happiest at the work table!
I realize most people use their phones for calendars and planners but if any one of you might want a planner, this is a good shape and weight. Take a look at the preview and I believe the price is $25with shipping and tax extra and I hope you like the layout.


  1. Looks wonderful, Mary Ann! Do you find blurb easy to use? I've been considering something of the kind....

    1. Sharmon, Thank you. There are lots of levels at blurb ... I have taken on the easiest and although happy with the results, I wish I had more of a graphics background to play with the layout on my own. Good luck ... it is wonderful to receive the finished books in the mail!