Friday, August 31, 2012


I digitally altered this image. Its original title was "Marking Time", 10" x 12" cold wax, oils, metallics and collage. My time at art making with oils/cold wax is coming to an end. The mornings are too cold and damp out on the deck for me. I've enjoyed the materials but now I return inside to my studio and acrylics.

For me this is a time to re-examine and prepare for the turning year. A time for looking back in order to move forward with a fresh outlook. I'll be taking time off posting here at Blue Sky Dreaming and will return after Sept. 26th. I have placed a badge of my catalog in the sidebar if you wish to preview my book and visit During this time away, I'll be making changes to this site which are long overdo and will be a way of beginning again.


  1. congratulation on putting the book together. I love the way you celebrate changes of direction, tkaing time off, thinking of the turning. revising your blog. peace be with you, love suki

  2. Mary Ann, this is an amazing piece. I love your counting marks! It seems you have been eagerly waiting for this moment. May all your new beginnings be full of joy!

  3. Enjoy your turning.
    We'll be looking forward to your REturning!
    and it's a perfect title for this beautiful work!

  4. This is the month of preparing for the coming year for me too. Planning new workshops, new art, re-organizing and contemplating. Have a wonderful break.

  5. Enjoy your break Maryanne... I shall look forward to seeing what fresh things you bring to your blog and work. This one above is beautiful... I'm sorry Ive missed quite a few posts ... your blog is one i love to visit! All good things to you!