Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking a Winter Break for Now...

Funny about life...not funny ha-ha but funny in the way of surprising and fascinating changes. I entered blogland in 2008 and shorty after became life threatening ill...I recovered in a way that allowed me to continue art making and blogging and lots of other loves in life. Recently the road took a turn, I have been wanting to create 40 new pieces, publish a book of collected works of my art, set up a website and with that said, caught myself in a slowdown. I was gifted with a new and renewed boost through a critique and I believe a seasonal change. From summer to autumn gave me a regenerative boost of art making mojo! With all that said I have had to still face the facts of time and energy and desire. Don't get me wrong, I love my life but something has to give way and clearly my time on blogland has reached a needed break for now. I need and so want to focus on this journey...maybe one of my last...oh dear, I'm getting dramatic again but truly time is an issue. So for now and through the winter I'm turning off my comments, turning for now away from the happy busy life of commenting and getting me to the studio. I'll post with new work because the blog is such a perfect venue for revealing and cataloging new work and it also allows me the thread of connection I am unable to sever in this change. Carry on fellow bloggers this is a rich and supportive community...I have reaped tons of virtual friends and found playmates galore. I know we all understand as artists the pull of pursuing those strong desires to...just work!

Update: Have had serious withdrawals from blogging! Looking forward to returning in the Spring.

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